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Jabra Halo Smart – Perfect for Calls on the Go #JabraHaloSmart

jabra halo smart reviewWhen I first saw halo ear buds, I have to admit that they looked a bit odd to me. My friend’s headset blinked but sat wrapped carefully around her neck, and she didn’t have to worry about draping wires getting caught or lost when she wasn’t using them. It wasn’t until I was sent the Jabra Halo Smart to review that I actually tried them out and loved just how the headset sat and helped keep me connected.

jabra halo smart reviewSo when¬†Jabra sent me the Halo Smart, I immediately expected a couple things – the same quality sound for calls and music that I’ve become use to over the years, and comfort. The Halo Smart offers comfort for wearing the Halo since it rests comfortably on your collarbone region, and the ear buds come with several different sizes so you get the best fit for long term wearing. The Halo Smart actually has up to 17 hours talk time and 14 hours continuous streaming of music or movies on your mobile devices.

jabra halo smart reviewFor me, I found the Halo Smart was best for taking calls. It actually has the same sound quality I’ve come to expect in Jabra devices, without any distortion. When using it for streaming there was a little loss of quality, but not more than other blu-tooth earbuds I’ve used in the past. Since the Halo Smart has the halo to rest on your shoulders, Jabra has included magnetic connectors in the side so the ear buds can either connect to the halo (so they’re not flopping around) or they can snap together. I found this useful so I didn’t feel like my ear buds were just dangling at my chest.

jabra halo smart reviewControlling the Halo Smart was easy with the power, call answer and volume controls right on the side of the Halo. The charging port was on one of the ear buds, and everything was compact. And while the name says the headset is “smart” what actually makes it smart? Besides easy NFC and Blu-tooth connection, the device actually works well with Google Now, Siri and Cortana. Just hit the talk button (if you have the service connected) and say your command. There’s nothing better than having your virtual assistant at the touch of a button.

You can find the Jabra Halo Smart on Amazon, check it out while it’s still on sale!

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