Jabra Elite 85H Brings Unprecedented Features to Bluetooth Headphones

jabra Elite 85 H Headphones Review

Bluetooth technology has come a long way since it was first introduced. From headphones and ear buds that only lasted about an hour to some that have an active talk time for up to 36 hours. While the current trend of bluetooth is currently leaning towards in ear wireless ear buds – there are still people who want headphones. Thankfully, Jabra takes this need and want seriously with their new Elite 85H, headphones that are blowing competitors out of the water.

We were sent a set of the Jabra Elite 85H headphones to test out- and they really are changing the game with their features and making waves in the market.

Our Initial Jabra Elite 85H Review

Noise Cancellation and Functionality

jabra Elite 85 H Headphones Review

We’ve always been there – trying to listen to something on our headphones but can still hear everything around us. Or imagine, you’re sitting on a plane and trying to watch a movie and can’t hear it from the engine noise right out your window. The fit of the Elite 85H focuses the sound directly in your ears. You can hear some ambient noise around you – but the noise cancellation is so good the Elite 85H have become my go-to headphones for music and video.

The Jabra 85H have something up on other over the head headphones – they actually come with an audio cord so you can actually connect it to your device or the video player on the plane if you need to. This turns them quickly into traditional head phones if bluetooth is not an option.

Water Resistant

jabra Elite 85 H Headphones Review

The Jabra Elite 85H Headphones come with a water resistant technology to help water from entering the speaker and headphones. If you prefer over the head headphones for activities outside, sweat a lot or may get caught in the rain – this will keep your headphones working longer throughout it’s whole life.

Traveling with your Elite 85H headphones? They come with a case that will keep your headphones safe through traveling or wherever life takes you.

Unprecedented Charge Time

jabra Elite 85 H Headphones Review

Unlike bluetooth devices of the past, Jabra has continued to push past their competitors time and time again with the amount of charge time on their devices. The Elite 85H has the highest of any on the market so far – offering 36 hours of use on one single charge.

When you first get the headphones, they come with a partial charge (about half way) so you can use it right out of the box once it’s paired with your devices.

High Quality Audio

jabra Elite 85 H Headphones Review

Like all of the products we’ve previously tested from Jabra, the Elite 85H have the superior audio that Jabra is known for. The call quality is clear, the audio when watching movies and editing audio is crisp and there is no delay. And pairing to our devices is easy as can be. They have joined a long line of Jabra products in our house and are definitely upping the quality of the editing ability we have when we use them.

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