It’s Time to Refresh and Recharge Yourself #Mycolgateselfie

colgate refresh kit

colgate refresh kitIt doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or not – life gets busy! We make sure everything else is taken care of and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. We may be doing just the bare minimum to get by, we’re fed and showered but we’re not getting the rest we need, or taking care of some of the important things for ourselves.

Knowing that moms and women in general tend to take care of other things before taking care of themselves, Colgate has a fun campaign where they’re challenging women to pledge to put yourself first with Colgate Total. They sent me this great Colgate Total Repair Regimen kit to help me Refresh, Restore, and Repair and take better care of myself.

This week is National Women’s Health Week (May 8th-16th). And it’s the week myself and other bloggers have started working our health in general. We’re working together to keep each other accountable and to get out from behind the keyboard. From eating healthier and working out more. I took a little time today to enjoy the fantastic spring weather and went for a walk around the office park on my lunch break. It’s a small step towards getting healthier, but also one towards putting myself first.

Other ways you can put yourself first? Taking care of your teeth and mouth! With the Refresh, Restore and Repair kit you can enjoy help repair your teeth by remineralizes weakened enamel, helping kill bacteria that cause gingivitis an helping protect against plaque and tartar and restoring natural calcium. Why not take care of your teeth and your gums for years to come.

So how do you plan to take care of yourself for National Women’s Health Week and from here on out? Share what you’re doing on social media with the hashtag #mycolgateselfie It’s time to put yourself first and to take care of your health from your head to your toes!


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