It’s a New Year, New Goals and New Formats Coming Your Way

new years goals

As each new year rolls around we like to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. We love that this has been around for the past 9 years and as we have grown, this has become our job. It has provided us with amazing experiences, an income and a life we never expected. And as the we roll into the new year we have a lot of things going on, and new growth happening here on the site and beyond.

We’re Vlogging More! 

You know we have a Youtube channel right? Where we post several times a week? From recipes, reviews, unboxings and even live videos. Check out Week99er on Youtube to stay in touch. As we go through the year expect to find exclusive videos and even giveaways right on the channel!

Podcast? What’s That? 

This may not start the first week of the year, but in the next month or two get ready for a Podcast. From travel, vehicles, tech and women in business we’ll be covering it all. We’re still working on our format and working out the bugs but get ready to stream us while you drive and work to stay up to date.

More Travel and Features! 

2019 is already shapping up to be a busy year. But we’re going to be traveling a lot more than we have been in the past – even if that is hard to believe. We’ve got partnerships in the works already for locations that you will love to visit with your family, take a vacation or romantic get away to and more. We’re taking on the world this year and we’re taking you with us!


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