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Is your garden ready for summer fun? Check out these 5 garden tips for the best summer yet

The summer break is finally here! Fingers crossed for plenty of sunshine and lots of clear blue skies so we can make the most of it! On a hot summers day there’s nothing better than beating all the crowds and the holidaymakers and just enjoying the sunshine in your own back yard. But is your garden ready for summer fun? Is it in need of a little TLC? Will the kids have plenty of room to play and will you be able to host those BBQs and get-togethers? 

Believe it or not, you don’t need a small fortune or a collection of silver bars to create the perfect garden for summer. Read on for 5 garden tips for the best summer yet. 

Maintenance is key

As soon as the weather is warm and the ground is dry, break out the lawnmower and start mowing! You don’t have to be green fingered in order to make your garden look neat and tidy. You just need some time, plenty of effort and maybe a few helpers if it’s a bit of a jungle out there. Rake up all the loose grass and garden debris, keep your paths clear of clutter and pebbles, rocks and other things that don’t belong. If your boarders are looking a little untidy, use a strimmer to whip those weeds away. You’ll be amazed at the transformation! 

Update your garden furniture

For the best summer yet, you’ll need to recreate the perfect living space to enjoy outside. So, your garden furniture needs to be up to scratch. If it’s pretty old and looking a little worse for wear, then give it a good clean and consider painting it a new color to inject some life back into it. It’s much cheaper than buying a brand new set. Alternatively, add a new parasol or some seat cushions to create the perfect summer vibe. 

Dig out that BBQ

It wouldn’t be summer without a BBQ or two! The last thing you want is to have guests coming over, only to find that your BBQ is still dirty from last year and looking pretty gross. So, give it a good clean and make sure that it still does its job safely. Clean all your BBQ grills and utensils too! Invest in plenty of good, quality charcoal too. Everyone loves a BBQ!

Add some lighting 

The nights are much lighter during the summer but having a little extra light here and there will create the most magical summer atmosphere. Try stringing up some fairy lights around the seating area or adding some solar powered light stakes along garden paths and in flowerbeds. You could light some tea lights and place them in some decorated tea light holders – a great activity for the kids!

Plant some flowers

This one is optional but adding a burst of colour here and there will really take your garden up a notch. Purchase some planters and flower pots and fill them with some gorgeously colourful blooms for instant impact. 

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