Is It Time to Call a Plumber? Home Issues A Plumber Can Fix

issues a plumber can fix in your home

We all know that a plumber is the person to call whenever there’s a problem that involves water, yet there are so many things that can go wrong with the complex systems of a modern dwelling and a majority can be handled by the traditional plumber. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should call your local plumber for every of these problems. It’s usually better to call a specialist, but if he/she’s not available, Karen from Advantage Realty Services recommends a few of the home repair tasks a plumber can deal with, in no particular order.

Blocked Drains and Sewers

A blocked drain rates up there alongside a burst water pipe as the most stressful home emergency and should this ever happen to you (it probably will) then you need to call an emergency plumber asap. Fortunately, there are emergency plumbers in Melbourne who will be there before you know it and some would operate 24/7, even on national holidays.

Gas and Electric Hot Water System Repair

Aside from working with water, a plumber is qualified to service gas and electric appliances and most would be time-served tradesmen who are approved to work on all brands of heating system, whether gas or electric.

Air Conditioning Repairs

The A/C is a critical element of a comfortable interior and without regular servicing, you can expect to experience a breakdown. The compressor has to work continuously in the summer and should yours develop a fault, the plumber is the person to call. The modern plumber has a mobile workshop and can carry out any number of on-site tasks including welding and pipe cutting.

Toilet and Cistern Repairs

Its most annoying when something goes awry with the toilet and yet again, it’s the plumber who will save the day. If the unit has seen better days, the plumber would recommend a replacement and he would have access to all the products at trade prices and can also fit the unit and carry out any remedial building work.

Gas Appliance Servicing

Aside from everything connected to water, the plumber can also service gas appliances, so if your oven is not performing as it should, or your gas boiler is making weird noises, the plumber is the man for the job. As long as he has some basic information regarding the issue, he will come well prepared and 99% of the time, the problem is fixed there and then.

Burner Replacement

If a boiler is not performing as it should, the burner might be the cause and in the event the plumber feels the burner should be replaced, he would make that recommendation and would also have a replacement part in his vehicle.

This list is just a few of the household problems a plumber can fix and there’s no other trade that demands such a wide range of skillsets, something you should bear in mind the next time you call out your local plumber. The plumber is accustomed to diagnosing issues over the phone, so expect to be bombarded with questions when you do make a call, and once the plumber has a clear picture of what is involved, he will come prepared.

Such is the demand for plumbers that they are everywhere and by choosing a local plumber with a sound reputation in the community, you can be sure of first class service.

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