Is it Time for Your Reboot? #FSND2

Fat sick and nearly dead 2 reboot kit review
Juicing Recipes Review Reboot with Joe
With Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 being released later this month, it might make some people wonder about if Juicing is right for them. We were sent a Reboot Kit to review, with a copy of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on DVD, a tote bag, a double walled glass perfect for juice as well as the latest in Juice Recipe cook books by Joe Cross. All of which are the basic tools to get started on your journey to rebooting your diet.

When we got the kit, I had only briefly considered juicing before. Our blender could do some juicing but not extraction. But after watching the first movie again, I wanted to give it a try and see if it could help our diets,¬†and help us get the important vitamins our bodies need. Of all the kitchen gadgets I had a juicer wasn’t one of them. I found a really great deal on Nomorerack on an Omega Juicer, and within a week we were ready to go!

Because of our schedules, we have decided to not do a full reboot – but rather juice as a supplement to our diet. Now, our diet is usually pretty good anyhow, with the occasional snack or junk food. But even with that, we don’t get all of the vitamins we’d like or that our bodies need.

Instead of a full reboot, we each do 2 juices a day, one in the morning before we leave the house and another before dinner. Our juices contained nothing but pure fruits and vegetables, and only a couple days in we noticed more energy, less craving for sweets and a reduced need for coffee as we got moving. We made enough a head of time to take in a cooler on trips with us, so we know we have it when we need it.

The hardest thing about it has been occasionally our schedules get in the way of the time to juice. Don’t get me wrong, juicing doesn’t take a lot of time. You’ll be surprised at how quick the juicer will take a whole vegetable or fruit and turn it into juice. But instead, what I mean is everything else got too busy, and at times it didn’t get done. Instead of being upset that we didn’t get it done, we just started again the next day. Not everything can get done every day after-all!

We’ve only seen positive changes since introducing juicing into our lives, and while we don’t do the fasting – we still see marked differences in energy, weight loss and even how we feel overall. It’s an easy change for our diets, and I can’t wait until my garden is at its peak next year!


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