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Is it Graduation Year? Order a Custom Yearbook from Shutterfly!

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It’s Spring – we’re enjoying all of the warmer weather and your kids are starting to look towards summer vacation! It might even be graduation year for one of your kids, or a niece or nephew – here’s the perfect gift idea from Shutterfly – Yearbooks!

Shutterfly has been around for years and is known for their great photobooks, prints and more. But their new product is awesome! Shutterfly Yearbook

How often do you look back at your High School Yearbook? We recently found ours during our house re-organization project. It was a lot of fun to look back. How things have changed in the pat years. But remember, the yearbooks you got from school were mass produced and not personalized.

But just like the Photo books you can create your own Photo Yearbook  with your favorite photos, and pictures from the year. Make it your own with your own photos. This is also a great idea for the grades where your kids don’t get a yearbook yet – collect their images from throughout the year and make a yearbook full of memories! This might be a great idea to use for troops and clubs too – make it your own!

Check out the new Yearbook from Shutterfly! And best yet, you can get them as low as $5!!!

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