Irresistible Brings a Different Look at Politics

Irresistible Movie Review

Political movies, honestly, aren’t ones that I normally go for. There is a trend that they are swayed for one part or the other, focus on the minutiae of the political machine or extreme what if situations. But when John Stewart is behind a new political comedy Irresistible, not only do you get a movie that will make you laugh, crave some sweets but also make you question our current political system and how you play a role in it.

After a disappointing loss in 2016, Gary (Steve Carell) is looking for a way to revive the Democratic party and starting in a small town in Wisconsin. After seeing an impassioned viral video, he has found his next candidate – an ex-Marine who can not only can rally new voters but bring a different face to his party. Leaving Washington DC for rural Wisconsin, Gary thinks his team can make the changes for his party but run into issue after issue. From dial up internet, unpolished candidates, small town politics to Gary’s political foe and her team showing up – the deck is almost stacked against him from the beginning.

Despite being a movie focused on politics, the boring parts have been removed. You see both teams working on their campaigns, but not more than just a surface view. It is full of moments that will make you laugh, others that make you cringe and brings politics to a much more approachable level for the every day person.

While Irresistible isn’t your typical political movie, it is one that will make you question how things are done, or how they can be done. The movie’s release is timed perfectly for the upcoming Primary and Presidential elections. It encourages watchers to think deeper at the political system, and how they can be involved and what might actually be happening behind the scenes – all while making them laugh.

Irresistible takes a comedic approach at politics and gives viewers a different look at the process without the boring parts. It’s a rare combination of laughs and a serious topic in one film. You can enjoy Irresistible at home, and it may spark debates after you watch it. Irresistible will be released on 6/26 on Digital on Demand.

About Irresistible:

Irresistible Movie Review

From writer/director Jon Stewart comes the comedy of a Democrat political consultant (Carell) who helps a retired Marine colonel (Cooper) run for mayor in a small Wisconsin town.

The film is written and directed by Jon Stewart. It is produced by Stewart, Lila Yacoub and Plan B Entertainment’s Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner.


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