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Iron Man 3 – a Great Time at the Theater

Iron Man 3 Poster
I know this post is probably a little late, you’ve all probably already seen the latest Iron Man movie haven’t you? If you have – please feel free to chime in and let me know what you thought of it!

As much as I am a self identified dork, I’ve never been much for comic books. I think that’s another level of dorkism that I never found that interesting. That being said – I absolutely love the Marvel movies. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America – not just good for eye candy for the ladies but the stories are good too! Let’s not forget about the Avengers of course (new one coming soon – following Thor 2 – can you hear the excitement building?)

When I went to see Iron Man 3 I went in with an open mind, I had only seen a couple previews. But I also know the curse of sequels – you know, the second is good, third is ehhh and it goes on from there. Or ever other movie after the first is good. It happens.

All my worries were quickly put to rest once the movie started. Not only was Iron Man 3 full of action, a good story and familiar characters, but it also could be a stand alone movie and hold up well. It of course has its mentions of the prequels and the cameo by good ol’ Stan Lee. But the movie was better than expected on so many levels.

If you haven’t gone out to see Iron Man 3, take some time to go out this weekend. It is on a the long side, and you have to sit through the (very) long credits for that extra clip. But it wont disappoint you! I would say though, skip it in 3D! While the movie is stunning, the 3D is not necessary and you wont get that extra bang for the buck with the glasses.

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