Introducing Colgate Daily Repair #colgatedailyrepair

colgate daily repair event new york

One of the things I love about attending conferences, is I get to check out the latest and greatest of products. This year, I was invited to check out the latest products by Colgate, their new Daily Repair and Polish tooth paste. Like most people, for our family, Colgate is a name we are familiar with and trust. Their products grace the shelves of our linen closet and in our bathrooms constantly.

colgate daily repair event new yorkBut also, like most people, we don’t shop for our toothpaste by more than one feature, and that’s usually taste. Colgate Daily Repair does what their competitors does, as well as something else – it helps rebuild your teeth! While you’re brushing your teeth, Daily repair uses it’s FDA approved technology to help rebuild and strengthen your teeth. We use products all of the time to rebuild our hair and nails, why not our teeth too?

colgate daily repair event new yorkBesides whitening and repairing our teeth, Daily Repair does something that none of their competitors can even claim – it keeps 99% of bacteria out of your mouth for 12 hours. Yes, even with eating! That’s the same bacteria that will cause gingivitis and other dental issues, so you’re helping to keep your mouth and teeth in good shape.

Colgate Daily Repair is coming to stores near you, and is a great addition to your daily dental regimen.


  1. […] We’re only a few weeks from Christmas and the days seem to go by faster and faster no matter what we do to slow them down. A couple of weeks ago we had our first snow fall in Michigan, which reminded us that the holidays are almost here. Luckily, we were able to run off for a small escape to Canyon Ranch in Tuscon. We had been planning this trip since I found out from Colgate that I won the trip from our meeting this summer in New York. […]


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