Instant ChalkBoard Product Review, Giveaway and a 10 minute DIY Bistro Board! 

DIY Bistro Board
Instant Chalkboard
I’m sure you’re like me and you’ve seen the in home chalk boards. You can see them all over the home and garden magazines, on the DIY shows and more. As much as I’ve liked them, I still haven’t warmed up to the thought of the chalk board paint. Besides the cost, it’s the time and placement of the item.

Thankfully, the solution was given to me! I was given the opportunity to review a product from Now, instantly I was drawn to the one in the image above. How cute is that? But it doesn’t match our decor and I probably would get yelled at putting it up.

So I chose a set of 8 1’x 2′ sheets. I didn’t have an exact idea what I was going to do with them – but I figured it would be enough to try again if I mess up  or do multiple projects! When the package arrived I  thought of the perfect DIY with it. And guess what it was easy, mess free and was done in under 10 minutes! You have to love that!

How to make your own 10 Minute Removable Bistro Board! 

Instant Chalkboard DIY Bistro Board

 Here is all you will need for your bistro board.
  • 1 1’x2′ Instant Chalkboard sheet
  • 1 picture frame – this one is 12″ x 18″ I found at the Salvation Army for $4! Super cute and reusable!
  • 1 Command hook
  • 1 Piece of chalk (comes with your Instant Chalkboard set!)
  • 1 smoother (comes with your Instant Chalkboard set!)
  • Scissors

Ready? It’s pretty simple 🙂
Instant Chalkboard DIY Bistro Board

Step 1: 

Find the clear space on your wall where you want your Bistro Board to go.

If it’s dirty feel free to clean it with soap and water. But make sure it’s dry before you put anything on it.

Instant Chalkboard DIY Bistro Board

Step 2:

Lay your sheet of your Instant Chalkboard down and place the frame over it.

Draw a line with the chalk at the bottom of your frame.

Instant Chalkboard DIY Bistro Board

Step 3:

Cut about 1 Inch above the line you drew. Remember that’s the bottom of the frame.

Put your extra chalk board piece in your craft drawer for a future project!

Instant Chalkboard DIY Bistro Board

Step 4: 

Line your chalk board up on the wall – make it as even/straight as possible. Start to remove the backing and smooth the board on the wall. Slowly peel the rest of the back off and repeat until it is completely adhered to the wall.

Instant Chalkboard DIY Bistro Board

Step 5: 

Install your Command Strip Hook!

Make sure it’s center and straight but just follow the instructions on the packaging to make it!

Instant Chalkboard DIY Bistro Board

Step 6:

Remove the back and image from the frame. The hardest part of this is the little hooks that hold the back on, fold them to face the frame.

Now hang your frame on the hook! You might have to adjust it so it’s straight (this is honestly the hardest part of this whole process!)

*If your chalkboard sticks out under the frame, just peel it up a little bit and use your scissors to cut off the extra!

I promise mine is straight on the wall – just my picture isn’t :).

What’s the best part of this? It’s completely removable from your wall and wont damage it! If you change your mind you can take it down. You can remove it, reuse it or take it down!  You can wash the board easily with a wet paper towel. Just remember your surface will only be as smooth as your wall is! If it has bumps, that’s normal!

I love how easy this was and how cute it looks! I can’t wait until he gets home tonight to see what he thinks of it!

Instant Chalkboard is letting me give one of my lucky fans their own Instant Chalkboard for their house! One lucky fan will win one of their choice worth up to $25! The set I used was only $23, so just think of the possibilities! Make sure you Enter to win!

Find Instant Chalkboard online: 
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  1. My husband and I are moving back in with my parents next month and I’ll be in charge of making dinners, so I’d love to make this a menu board for the week so my family knows what’s coming up!

  2. it would go in my daughters room she has been wanting one but I didn’t know how to do it….THIS I can handle lol


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