Installing a New Bee Hive #urbanbeekeeping

installing a beehive

This year, we started our fourth year in our adventures of urban bee keeping. To say, it’s been a smooth and problem free journey would be a lie. Each year, so far, we seem to lose our bees to the bitter Midwest weather. So, as a result we end up buying a new set of bees with a queen each spring. This year wasn’t anything unique in that regard. We ordered a three pound package of bees and installed them in the hive out back.

Often, we are sent questions by friends and family about our bees and how we do things. So, we’re slowly bringing together a video series on how we handle our hives. Answering questions like how do you install a hive? How do we extract honey? And even how do you save a swarm from a fallen tree?

So our first installment tackles installing a bee hive. We did this back in May, but this is the basic procedure every spring so far!

Do you have any questions about our bee keeping processes or our bees in general? We love sharing our knowledge about honey bees and how they can help your garden and area!


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