Inside the Only Dedicated Doctor Who Store and Museum

Who North America

You never forget your first Doctor – and if you’re a Doctor Who fan you know this is true. While you can get a lot of great Doctor Who toys and memorabilia online, there is only one place in the world where you can not only find the most items, but also a Doctor Who Museum. Who North America is off of a busy road in Camby, Indiana and is almost in a location where you can pass it quickly if you are driving through the area.

With shelves of memorabilia, toys and items for fans of all ages Who North America is the ultimate spot for fans to get their clothing, swag and more. You can even find a Doctor Who Mystery Grab Bag, that you cannot find on their site, filled with items you may find throughout the store – and others you may not.

One half of Who North America is a store and the other half is actually a museum with items from the show and highlighting different items from the show and some items from the original series. It is the ultimate place to visit if you’re a fan, or to grab a gift for anyone you know that is a Whovian.

What we got in our Doctor Who Grab Bag!

You will find items within everyone’s price range, but some of the best things in Who North America are free. Explore the history of the over fifty years of episodes or step back into the back room where you can play a free Doctor Who pinball machine or other arcade games.

Need the latest Dalek hat or something to celebrate Jodi Whitaker’s new series as the doctor? Be sure to stop in Who North America and find that must have item for your collection.


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