Inside the Lizzie Borden House – Touring a bit of Dark History

Lizzie Borden House Tour Review

We all grew up hearing the poem, and probably sung it on the play ground as kids “Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty-one.” And since hearing it, I was obsessed with learning more about the Lizzie Borden trial, the real life crime and – I have to admit it was probably the gateway into my obsession with true crime shows and stories today.

No matter how many movies and books you read, actually going to the house and walking where the crimes happened is a completely different experience all together. You tend to create an idea of what a place is in your mind, but the reality is a lot different than what you would expect.

Lizzie Borden House Tour Review

Instead of being in the middle of a neighborhood like the crime scene photos, the Lizzie Borden house is in the middle of a busy city block now. Surrounded by businesses, churches and other commercial developments. The historical significance of the house and the museum now inside has kept the house intact. Now a working Bed and Breakfast you can stay at and a house you can tour, the Andrew Borden House where the crimes were actually happened.

The tour of the home will walk you through the crimes, what actually happened and how many times both Andrew Borden and his wife were actually hit with the the infamous axe. It will take you through rooms that are recreated via the crime scene photos and the facts of the case.

Lizzie Borden House Tour Review

Noted as one of the first trials in the country with crime scene photos, the Lizzie Borden trials are ones that continue to fascinate generations over 100 years later. If you want a deeper look at the case, or to explore the house after hours – be sure to book a room and stay over night. And be on the look out for the resident black cat Max who roams the property.

We may never know what exactly happened that day, but visiting the Lizzie Borden house may give fans intrigued by the case a look at the history and a hint of what could have happened. It is a must visit stop for anyone who has been enthralled by this piece of history.

Lizzie Borden House Tour



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