Inside the January Fandom of the Month Box! #fandomofthemonth

fandom of the month club january box

fandom of the month club january boxToday is one of my favorite days of the month – when my Fandom of the Month club box showed up. On the way home from picking it up, I cracked it open to get a peak at the theme so I knew what I was talking about before I shot my unboxing video. Seeing the card alone was enough for me to squeal in excitement!

Please note this is the regular subscription box and not the special edition Snape tribute box. I highly recommend getting a subscription to the Fandom of the month club, so far I’ve only had one theme I didn’t know and one that I wasn’t a huge fan of – but my friends benefit from those! This month however, I absolutely love the theme: Harry Potter/Death Eaters or Slytherin.

Want to get next months box? Sometimes there are clues before the box comes out, there really weren’t this month though. But each month has 3-4 pieces of fandom jewelry, a magnet and the hand stamped bag. All of it for $13! For me, the bag is worth it each month and the jewelry is fantastic. Sometimes you can find a code for your first box for only $10! Sign up for Fandom of the Month here!

Check out our unboxing(ish) video below – I had to reshoot twice since the first one cut me off, and the second a cat decided to have an issue in the middle of taping!



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