Inside Indiana’s Only Curiosity Shop – Rue Morgue

rue morgue franklin indiana

It’s an unlikely location for the first curiosity shop in the state of Indiana. Rue Morgue is an independently owned tattoo shop on Jefferson Street downtown Franklin, Indiana. The tattoo gallery surrounds you in original artwork, unique items they’ve collected and a beautiful portfolio of work that will inspire you to get “just one more” tattoo.

Past the original movie poster for Rue Morgue, the Edgar Allen Poe story that inspired it and the name for the tattoo shop, you’ll find a different space all together. From an adult only section where you can find more items ranging from the occult to 900 year old skulls, to an area where you can find items to protect yourself against zombies.

rue morgue franklin indiana

In this space you can get lost looking at black widows in jars, real human skeletons and even find that next oddity to add to your curio cabinet. But the space, in a historic building brings with it a bit of a darker feel. It’s not just the black painted walls, but there have been reports of ghosts and other spirits walk the halls.

Spend some time to get lost in the bizarre, schedule your next tattoo and learn a bit more about the local history when you step inside Rue Morgue. This little gem is a great stop even if you don’t have a desire to get a tattoo on your visit, just be prepared to bring home a bit of the odd with you.


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