Individualize Wine Night with Le Grand Verre

Le Grand Verre Wine Review

We’ve all been there, want a glass of wine but don’t want to open a whole new bottle. Or when you’re hosting a party and don’t want to uncork multiple bottles at once because everyone wants something different. What if – you could offer smaller bottles that open easily and can be closed with a twist as well?

New on the market is Le Grand Verre, a company focusing on making wine more accessible to every wine drinker. Don’t worry about fancy bottles and names, they have made wine so easy you don’t even need a corkscrew. Their smaller, one-glass, bottles make it so anyone can have a glass of wine without the worry about wasting what is leftover or even have the perfect amount for quick recipes as well.

Le Grand Verre started a few years ago with the idea of celebrating the experience of drinking premier French wines without uncorking an entire bottle. That came from their CEO when he joined the Harvard Wine club and did waste an entire bottle for each wine tasting. We want to promote great French wines in the US, emphasizing small wineries, mostly female-led, and organic.

Featuring small-scale winemakers in favor of commercial wineries, as well as female-led estates. The Le Grand Verre packaging also carries a mission in being made from recycled, double-coated PET. That means it’s easy to pack and take with you to picnics or even camping without worrying about carrying big glass bottles around with you as well.

To try out the selection of wine available from Le Grand Verre or to customize your own parties and wine night, check out their selection and website. Finding and trying different wines has never been easier and less wasteful than before. We love having a selection to choose from when we want a drink, or just want something different to try.


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