Important Considerations For Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

Important Considerations For Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

If you’re due to head out on your first motorcycle road trip, you’re probably experiencing various emotions. You will be excited to finally get going, but perhaps a little apprehensive and nervous because you’ve never done anything like this before. Making sure you make the appropriate considerations for your first trip will ensure you have the best time imaginable. Read on for the considerations that you need to make:

The Road Will Feel Longer When You’re Just Starting Out 

If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle for a long time, riding for hours at a time will feel like an eternity. Don’t jump into riding for hours and hours if this is totally new to you! Try to plan a smaller trip so you can see what it’s like and make any adjustments that you need to. 

Invest in A Windshield 

A windshield could seriously turn your trip around and make it far more enjoyable. Many don’t invest in them because they think that they ‘ruin’ the look of the bike and want their bike as naked as possible. While riding for a few hours with the wind in your face might seem like a great idea at the time, it’s actually exhausting. You’ll wish you had something there! 

Make Sure Your Position Is Correct

Your riding position is something you need to get right if you’re going to ride comfortably and avoid injury. If you ride however you feel at the time, you will likely suffer from long term back pain after the ride! Focusing on your seating riding position will help you to avoid too many aches and pains and ensure you’re not put off this venture for life. You may even want to consider a backrest. You could also get some highway pegs and make sure your handlebars are adjusted to be as comfortable as possible. It’s easier to ride long distances if you focus on your comfort, so don’t be embarrassed about making these adjustments before you go. 

The Weather Will Change

The weather can change a lot on a motorcycle road trip, sometimes you’ll be hot, other times cold, even wet. You should always check the weather and prepare as best you can, as it quickly becomes uncomfortable. Well ventilated, waterproof equipment can help, but you may need to change clothes a couple of times, too. Make sure you go prepared. 

Earplugs Can Be A Huge Help

It’s so loud on the highway, if you do this sort of thing often you could end up losing your hearing. Take some earplugs with you, even if you’re not sure if you’ll wear them. You don’t want to damage your ears, and you especially don’t want to struggle to hear anything as soon as you hop off your bike at your destination. Even if you wear them part of the time, it’ll help you to protect your hearing in the long run and ensure you’re comfortable when you arrive at your destination. 

The Laws May Change

Bear in mind that you should research the laws of where you’re going, as they may change depending on where you end up. For example, motorcycle helmet laws by state are rarely the same, so make sure you read up to stay out of trouble. 

Utilize The Technology Available To You

A helmet that links to bluetooth can link to your phone and play music, receive calls, and help you to follow GPS directions. You may also be able to enjoy rider to rider communication. A little modern technology can seriously improve your experience overall, so think about what you could utilize. 

Plan More Rests

Really, you should be resting more than you think you should. Many riders plan to take a break whenever they fill up on gas, however, this isn’t as good an idea as you think. Actually having a snack, drink, and stretching everything out is important. If you don’t do this, it’ll wear on your body and your mind.You’ll become uncomfortable, and you may even lose concentration. 

You’re Going To Get Pretty Dirty

Roads are pretty disgusting, so you’ll likely be dirty by the time you arrive at your destination.

You will have sweated, and you’ll likely have dirt and grime in places you didn’t think possible – oh, and the flies. You won’t want to have plans for the moment you arrive at your destination, as you will likely need to freshen up first. Just think of how nice that first shower after riding for so long will be! 

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