Imba Means Sing Both Humbles and Inspires

imba means sing review

imba means sing reviewDocumentaries often open our eyes to a world larger than our own, and that is exactly what the new documentary IMBA Means Sing does. The documentary is set to release digitally on December 4th, and both inspires and humbles the watcher. I’m an avid documentary viewer, and Entertainment One sent me an early screener of IMBA Means Sing to watch and review.

imba means sing reviewAfter the war in Uganda, several families are left in poverty and the basic things we take are no longer available to families and children in the area. IMBA Means Sing follows Moses, the drummer of the African’s Children Choir as well as two of it’s singers Nina and Angel. Despite coming from conditions we could never imagine, the children in the choir are like every child, and dream big. Angel wants to be a President, Moses a Pilot and Nina a Children’s Doctor. Without the African Children’s Choir, the children could not afford to got to school to get the basic education, let alone one for a career. The tours allow the children to get sponsorship for their education to get the future they want, but you will often hear the children say it’s going to make a difference for their family.

imba means sing reviewOverall, the documentary shows the work that the children have to put into the the choir, but also the benefit they children receive from it. From daily meals, to education and even the practice that goes into it. The hope in the children by their family as well as the children is inspiring, and reminds the viewer how much more we have than other places of the world. Several times during the documentary I found myself tearing up, and thankful for what we have as well as the opportunities these children now have. The African Children’s Choir helps open doors for the children involved, and the smiling children remind you of the opportunities they’re thankful for and their future.

Imba Means Sing is a great reminder this holiday season (and really any time) of how much we actually have, take for granted and how little others have and are happy with. It inspires you to give back, and to put our own wants in perspective. The African Children’s Choir not only helps the children get the education they cannot afford at home, and has helped several former singers become lawyers, doctors and more. The choir opens the world to the children, and the eyes of world to the challenges the children in Uganda still face.

You can get IMBA Means Sing everywhere digitally on December 4th. You can find out more about the movie on their website and check out the trailer below:



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