Imagination Takes You to New Places in Henri’s Hats

henri's hats review

henri's hats review

When we’re young, our imaginations can take us anywhere. One little item can transport us to a new place, take us to new worlds or to the next great adventure. And that is exactly what the latest book from Pixar Animation Studio’s Michael Wu does – transports young Henri on adventures from the normal world just by finding a trunk of hats.

Henri’s Hats celebrates the magic of childhood, the small things that can shape your world and dreams that we all have. The pages are beautiful illustrated and the story will take you on an adventure you didn’t know you needed. The book will quickly become a favorite at bed time, and with the creative story and drawings by Michael Wu, you’ll treasure the book for years to come.

henri's hats reviewYou can get your copy of Henri’s Hats now! Order your copy for your little adventurer.

About Henri’s Hats:

On the train ride to visit his grandpa, or Papa, Henri is only interested in his game. But then George the dog steals Henri’s hat upon arrival, so Henri makes chase and finds himself in front of a trunk full of hats.

Henri tries on each hat . . . and imagines himself a race car driver, a sea captain, a flying ace, and more!

Papa finally catches up to Henri and George, and that’s when Henri hears Papa’s stories, real stories, about racing, sailing, flying, and more!

As Henri heads home, he looks up at the stars and begins to dream . . . of being just like Papa.

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