Ignite Your Inner Creativity with a Blu Notebook

Blu notebook Review

Blu notebook Review

Artists, doodlers and designers will love this new notebook made just for them – the Blu Notebook. A standard sized 8 1/2″ x 11″ notebook made especially for drawing out of blue print paper. The pages from the blue printing process have been cut down to the appropriate size so you can easily transport it, without the need of a paper tube. And the thicker pages are perfect holding ink or marker without bleed through.

Having gone through design school, the idea of the Blu Notebook seemed like a fun gift idea for someone who has been through the design process and even worked with the blue printing process on projects. The pages actually smell like the blue printing paper we worked with in studio and have the same feeling, but more similar to the paper after the processing. But because the pages are so dark, and the grids are in a lighter blue tone, in order to see your creations you will need to use a white or light color pencil or pen on the paper. The thicker pages will make sure nothing bleeds through.

Overall the Blu Notebook is fun for artists, but make sure you have the right writing utensils if you’re going to use it. It will make architects and designers nostalgic for the years before everything was computer drafted, and give others a good jumping off point for their designs.

About Blu Notebooks: 

Blu notebook ReviewMap out your goals, sketch your dream house, write a song, doodle to relax…there is something nostalgic about the feeling of putting pen to paper. The BLU Notebook is the first sketchbook made from pages with the unique look and feel of blueprint paper, a journal that will certainly bring out the creativity in everyone! Put ink to BLU and get ready to feel inspired, invigorated and satisfied.

BLU offers an aesthetically pleasing effect when using vibrantly pigmented white and coloured gel ink against the rich blue pages of BLU. Writing in BLU provides a “just right” sensory feeling that satisfies and soothes. In our digital era, the BLU Notebook brings us back to a time of tactile creativity. A nostalgic callback to when creativity was, quite literally, hands on. BLU’s goal is to encourage creativity and keep the essence of tactile innovation alive.

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