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ifrogz boost review
iFrogz BoostPlus
I use my phone for everything, but a media device. I know – I’m one of those weird people. I answer emails, play on my social networks, check the blog but I have never loaded a song to any of my phones. It’s a weird, well at least according to a lot of my friends. But when I’m working away from home I like to listen to music, and sometimes the internet connection isn’t as reliable as I’d like. So of course there is an app for that! I put my favorite radio station on and rock out with it playing through my phone. I’ve been doing it for a while but didn’t realize how bad the quality was just through my phone.

iFrogz BoostPlus

Then Zagg offered to send me one of their iFrogz BoostPlus Near Field Audio Speaker to review. It sat on my counter for a while, the internet connection had been stable at work. But well, of course that didn’t last very long! So I packed the iFrogz BoostPlus in my purse, grabbed three batteries and set it up.

iFrogz BoostPlus used Near Field Audio, not NFC (Near Field Communication), so you don’t have to install an additional app or have a newer phone that is NFC compatible. Instead you just put on your favorite songs, set your phone’s speaker on the sensor spot and turn it on. Almost instantly your music will be louder, and you will have a quality speaker sound to your phone audio. It didn’t take long until I noticed I had to turn it down, that my music might actually be too loud that a classroom next store might hear me, so I simply turned it down on the side of my phone.

iFrogz BoostPlus

The iFrogz BoostPlus can run on three batteries or with a plug (not included), or you can plug it into your USB drive with a micro connection. The only issue I had with the speaker was occassionally the sound dropped off completely. This might be a slight connection issue between my Droid and if the radio was playing the song over two channels rather than in mono.

Overall I’m thrilled with the little iFrogz Boost speaker. I love the size, how I can easily drop it in my purse and go. And I was amazed at how much better it made my music sound! It would fit perfectly in the stocking of the music lover who relies on their iPhone or android device to listen to their tunes.

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