If You Are “Wheely” Serious About Cycling, Here’s 7 Ways To Stay Safe!

If You Are “Wheely” Serious About Cycling, Here’s 7 Ways To Stay Safe!

Many people are taking up riding a bicycle as an environmentally-friendly alternative to driving. If you can, this is fantastic, but it’s important to remember that when you go on a bicycle, you have a higher likelihood of getting into an accident. Rather than putting you off from going on a bicycle entirely, here are some great ideas to make sure that you stay safe. 

Be Seen!

This is such a simple thing, but it’s important that, when you are riding in the early morning or late at night, you dress fluorescently. The fact is if you are someone who likes to go on your bike during dawn or dusk, these are the times when you are more likely to be up against vehicles like trucks. And being injured by a large truck is more likely than by a car because truck drivers are not able to check their blind spots so effectively. Dress as brightly and fluorescently as possible. 

Know the Weather Forecast 

This is something that you need to get into the habit of doing. If you plan on making a commute to the office and you are not adequately prepared, you can find yourself up against the elements. You need to wear waterproof gear as a priority. It’s also a good idea to carry a small backpack you can hold extra layers just in case. 

Choose the Right Roads

You may think it’s better to get to your destination quickly, but it’s far more important to get there in one piece. Choose roads that have dedicated bike lanes or are extremely wide, especially if you are in more rural areas. You should also choose the right time of day, for example, on weekends you may want to choose quieter roads rather than those that have high traffic, especially if you are riding on a Saturday night as there could be a higher level of drunk drivers. 

Always Remember to Ride With Traffic

When you ride against traffic, it is impossible to make a right turn. It’s also more likely you will get into an accident. It’s important to remember that drivers entering the road from their driveway seldom look to the right for oncoming traffic. It’s also a good idea to choose bike-specific paths. 

Go Slowly Enough to Give Right of Way

It’s important you should always be ready to yield. While you need to learn how to share the road it’s important to remember that you are the one more likely to get into an accident in comparison to someone in a vehicle. 

Ride With Someone Else

If you have a riding buddy this is extra peace of mind. 

Carry a Patch Kit 

Patching up your flat tire will make a big difference if you find yourself stranded in a remote location. 

While a car will keep you safer on the road than a bicycle there are a lot of benefits to being out on the road. Not just in terms of the physical benefits but also the fact that you are helping the planet.

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