Ian’s Natural Foods Product Review

Ian's Gluten Free nuggets review
Ian's gluten Free
Making the switch to gluten free foods is hard for anyone. I’m glad I was in my twenties when I made the transition, I am much better because of it health wise. I couldn’t imagine making that switch as a child and being told you couldn’t have the normal foods that kids love.
Remember those childhood staples like Chicken Nuggets or Fish Sticks? Imagine that instantly you couldn’t have them anymore! For the past 6 years that has been the case – it was only last year I found Ian’s Natural Foods at the store. I was shocked – Gluten free nuggets?!

I am very lucky that Ian’s Natural Foods sent me a couple coupons to try their products. I had had their fish sticks in the past but being able to find the chicken nuggets sometimes proves harder than you’d think!  I used the coupons to pick up some fish sticks and chicken nuggets – there are days that they just sound fantastic.

Imagine not having chicken nuggets for over 5 years and having them again. I was like a kid smiling from ear to ear! They were delicious!  And they’re something I wouldn’t mind feeding the family – they contain no wheat, no gluten, no milk, no casein, no eggs, no nuts and no soy! They cover the allergen spectrum!

Ian’s also offers cookies, bread crumbs, pizzas and much more! If you’re looking for a food for someone in your family with allergies check out Ian’s Natural Foods!


  1. Thanks for the review I haven’t seen these in my stores or maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough we do not have to do gluten free but I would like to switch some of the things my kids eat to see if they can even tell the diff.

  2. I’m a teen who is gf and df and I can say I personally love these! The thing about gluten free food you can’t really compare it to its own gluten filled counterpart it won’t be the same but all I know is Ian’s food is great! I like the mini French bread pizzas too!


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