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hudsonville ice cream review
hudsonville icecream
Since everyone is finishing their dinner, I thought I’d tease you with a bit of deliciousness. Have you ever heard of Hudsonville Ice Cream? If you grew up in Michigan there is a good chance you did, and you grew up eating their great ice cream.

Based in Holland, Michigan they’ve been providing great flavor choices. They currently have 32 original flavors, 14 limited edition flavors (I love their Seaside Caramel), a creamery blend variety and three gallon options.

hudsonville ice cream

We love ice cream in our house, and never seem to be without it in our freezer. Actually as I’m writing this we’re out – the horror! But it’s a nice treat to end the day with or to have a scoop of vanilla with desserts.

Hudsonville Ice Cream delivered four quarts of ice cream to our house. It was even delivered in a Hudsonville HHR – which was great to see pull up into our drive way. We were given four flavors of Hudsonville Ice Cream to sample and try. Chocolate Marshmallow Crispie, Super Scoop, Strawberry Chocolate Chunk and Vanilla. Some we had tried before, others we hadn’t.

The Chocolate Marshmallow Crispie is a one of their limited edition flavors. It’s a chocolate ice cream with ribbons of marshmallows whipped throughout. Mixed in are rice crispies coated in chocolate. This is rich and delicious, and one of our favorites. Jason would love to see the the chocolate covered crispies as a stand alone candy – he would pick them out then eat the ice cream afterwards.

hudsonville ice cream

We also loved the Strawberry Chocolate Chunk. It is a creamy strawberry ice cream with thick chunks of dark chocolate mixed in. It is sweet as a stand alone dessert or mixed in with other flavors.

I think this would be a great flavor to give as a gift for Valentine’s day. It works for anyone who likes ice cream, strawberries or chocolate. It’s the fun of chocolate covered strawberries in a scoop-able package!

hudsonville ice cream

The third flavor is a favorite of kids and adults – Super Scoop! Not only does it have bright colors light blue yellow and pink, it also has three fun flavors. The blue is Blue Moon flavor, Yellow is classic Vanilla and Pink is Black Cherry. Each scoop is a different combination of flavors and colors!

hudsonville ice cream

A classic flavor, and one that is almost always in our freezer is Vanilla. We have a scoop with fresh preserves, fresh berries, baked good and more.

We loved the flavors that we were given to sample, and the variety of flavors that Hudsonville offers. I know I can trust the flavors and the selection of gluten free options they have. We had a lot of fun with the review and combining the different flavors. The best combination of the four flavors was Chocolate Marshmallow Crispie with Super Scoop. The chocolate added another level of greatness to the combination!

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  1. Not being a Michigan native, I didn’t grow up with Hudsonville & stuck with the national brands when I moved here. Then I tried some at a Tigers game last month. Yup, buying it now. The Traverse City Cherry/Chocolate is amazing


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