Hudson Candles Brings Candles Designed for Relaxation to the Market

Hudson Candles review

When you’re looking for a new line of candles to gift or to burn in your own space – you look for scents that you like as well as what’s inside the candle. For years, I’ve been a huge fan of candles that have more natural ingredients, since I know they will burn cleaner without leaving a gross soot in the air.

Hudson Candles sent us one of their coconut wax based candles to test out. And they also included a few tealight samples of other scents to try out so we could find out favorite scent to use. Their candles feature metal free wicks so you can be sure of a cleaner burn and will burn up to 60 hours. And after it’s done burning, you have a beautiful glass container to use later.

Hudson Candles review

Hudson Candle’s has a simple mission “We want our hand-poured artisanal candles to be a symbol of hope and relief. We want to remind you that you made it through another day and you’re doing great!  Exercise a pause, acknowledge your value, and always remember to breathe. Whatever the mood, whatever the day, love the little things, love Hudson Candle.”

Their candles are made with pure coconut wax, high quality ingredients and in a sleek packaging – they may just be the perfect thing to keep in your office of home to change up your design. With a variety of scents and profiles you can find the perfect scent for you and to help you relax when you need to.

The Ivy League scent we were sent had more of a cologne style smell and one that would actually appeal a lot of men. While it wasn’t as soft and floral like I normally prefer – the candle burned clean and the scent was pleasant. This may make Hudson Candles one of the few candles lines I would consider gifting to a male candle lover without worrying about it being too “girlie” of a scent.


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