HTC One – An Android Lovers New Friend? #Verizon

HTC One Review

Even though I spend several hours the computer every day, I need to stay connected on the go. Over the past several years I’ve been an avid Android user – normally I stick with Motorola phones, and I’ve been using the Droid Ultra that I reviewed last fall. But I’ve easily eliminated any Blackberry or Apple products from future possible phones. Verizon sent me a HTC One to try out, and see if it would change my mind about sticking with Motorolas – and it just may have.


On first glance the HTC One was much smaller than what I’m use to. The Droid Ultra brags a smaller slim line appearance, but once you add the case it’s much larger and thicker than most phones I’ve had in the past. The HTC One is however thin, small and you can easily forget it’s in your pocket since it’s so light.

The HTC One comes both rear and front facing cameras that can snap 20 frames in 3 seconds, giving you the chance to get the shot you want. Each image is clear and paired with Google+ you can get some pretty awesome animated gifs.

That’s right! The HTC One runs on an Android platform and will work with any of the apps you are use to using are available on the phone. As an added bonus the HTC has low frequency Bluetooth capabilities, meaning it will work with Misfit Shine or other connected devices. You can also connect with regular Bluetooth devices or with NFC (Near Frequency Communications). Any app I’m use to using was available on the HTC One, putting it already leaps and bounds above Blackberry or Apple Products.


Besides getting my favorite apps, I had to test the overall user experience with the HTC One. I was easily able to integrate the Google Now app I’m use to having, all of my social media apps all with a quick flick of my fingers on the screen. The main screen of the HTC One is actually a feed of your connected social media accounts or favorite shows. After connecting your accounts you can simply scroll down a collective feed and see what’s going on in the world around you.

I enjoyed playing with the HTC One, and like the features. The smaller size and added benefits make it a good option for my next phone. I like how it can streamline my social media accounts, that I can keep my current apps and even connect to the newer low frequency Bluetooth connected devices!


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