How You Can Visit the Disney Lot and Legends Plaza

Disney Lot Tour

The magic of Disney has to start somewhere, and walking inside the gates and onto the lots where the movies and shows are filmed and animated. The Walt Disney Company studio lot has buildings like Art and Animation, the ABC Company building, The Walt Disney Archives and even Walt Disney’s Office all within the gates that guard it.

Disney Lot Tour

While a visit to the Disney lot will only allow you to go into a few places without special permission one that is a must visit spot is Legends Plaza. The plaza is flanked with two pergolas with three statues in the center. The columns holding up the pergolas are covered in bronze plaques with hand prints and signatures of significant people throughout Disney movie and musical history. See the palm prints of George Lucas, Roy Disney and even Dick Van Dyke. Recipients are chosen by a selection committee, formerly appointed and chaired by Disney Legend Roy E. Disney, Walt Disney’s nephew, former vice chairman and director emeritus of The Walt Disney Company. The committee consists of long-time Disney executives, historians, and other authorities. Besides the award statuette itself, each honoree is represented by a bronze commemorative plaque featuring the recipients’ handprints and signature if they were living when inducted, or simply an image of the statuette emblem if the induction was posthumous. 

Disney Lot Tour
Legends Plaza on the Disney Lot

Take your lunch in the plaza, sit on the bench with Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse, get your photo with the iconic statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and explore The Legends Statue that has small details and sweeping moments from the movies and moments we all love. At the end of the plaza, you will find the Disney Team Building (also known as the Michael D Eisner Building), designed by architect Michael Graves. The roofline is held up by the seven dwarves who are all 19 feet tall and weigh 30,000 pounds. The smallest of the dwarves is Dopey, of course who comes in at a smaller 12 feet. Getting a shot of the building isn’t always the easiest but is one of the iconic shots that you’re going to want to grab while you are visiting.

Disney Lot Tour
The Seven Dwarves Hold up the roof of the Team Disney Building

Before you leave the lot, be sure to stop in the cast store and find some great deals on some of the latest toys, exclusive pins and even some exclusive products just available on the lot for guests.

Want to learn more about the Dwarves and the Disney Lot – here are some facts about the Dwarves and the architect behind them. If you have always dreamed of doing the Disney Lot Tour you can find information on the D23 website or use your points from Disney Movies Insiders to get a trip for 4.


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