How You Can Tour Paramount Studios Sets and More

Paramount Lot Tour

For over 100 years Paramount Studios has been creating movies that we love and watch over and over again. Their studios in Los Angeles has been the home to hit shows we love including Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Frasier and many more.

If you’re traveling through the Los Angeles area, you can actually take a tour of the studio lot. The walking tour takes two hours and they also offer a cart tour that is the same length and actually allows you to see more of the lot as well. You may be able to step onto a set of a show that is currently airing, but just be warned you can’t take pictures or video on that part of your tour.

Paramount Lot Tour

The Paramount Studios Lot is 26 acres and four stages to 65 acres and thirty stages. The tour will show you the impressive sites like the massive Blue Sky Tank and their one-of-a-kind New York Street backlot, which features ten distinct city neighborhood backdrops. You will get to stop and check out active movie sets, go past filming locations. Get ready to grab your camera when you go in the prop room where props from movies in the past are there for you to interact with and take one of a kind photos with.

If you’re in Los Angeles and want to tour and explore one of the oldest studio lots, you can sign up for tours on their website. They only offer a limited amount each day and they are two hour tours, so make sure you select the one that will fit your schedule the best. Remember, the lot tour does take you through areas where active filming is taking place and this may change what you see that day. Also, each tour will be just a bit different, but photos and videos are only allowed in areas where they tell you you can take them – so be sure to respect that on your tour!


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