How Well Do You Know Chocolate? Chocolate Tasting at Hershey World

Hershey Chocolate World Chocolate Tasting

From the time we’re little, we are able to tell you if the chocolate we’re eating is good or bad. But do you really know how complex your chocolate is? On your next visit to Hershey Chocolate World, you can take a chocolate tasting class to learn more about how chocolate is made, the different types of chocolate and the flavors you may not notice.

Hershey Chocolate World Chocolate TastingThe Chocolate Tasting Experience is unlike a wine or drink tasting experience – it is open to all ages and kids love the experience as well. You are greeted with a kiss to start off with, a baggie of chocolates to sample and a bottle of water to sip between tastes. Your tasting experience takes you through how to actually test out different chocolates and the different things you should look for like the smell, the snap and the flavors.

During you tasting you will learn how chocolate is made and how to pick up different flavors in each taste of chocolate you have. As a group you can vote on the different notes you pick up just like you would on a wine tasting. Not everyone will pick up on the same flavors but you may be surprised at some of the flavors you find including tobacco and and cheese.

Take the time, enjoy a few bits of chocolate and learn more about how your favorite treat is made. Hershey is a chocolate lover’s dream, be sure to swing through and ride the Chocolate Tour to take your knowledge of Hershey to another level.

Check out the Hershey World of Chocolate Tour:

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