How to Visit Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Set Visit

Have you always wanted to pull up a chair at Luke’s Diner, grab a mug of coffee and sit with your mom and have those deep moments together? Stars Hollow seems to far away and while the show is set in Connecticut, you wont actually find it there. Instead, the whole set and even the town square are located in Los Angeles on the Warner Brothers Studios Lot. The regular studio tour tram will take you right through the area and even allows you to hop off to get some photos, but true fans may want more.

Gilmore Girls Set Visit Luke's Diner
Luke’s Diner

That’s right! Stars Hollow is in Los Angeles, and the weather is a bit more temperate compared to the East Coast. Walk down the streets of downtown Stars Hollow and past the store fronts you recognize, the church and town square with the iconic gazebo at the heart of it. And if you’re lucky enough, head on over to Lorelei’s house. Just keep in mind these are mostly just the facades from the show and the interiors were filmed on sound stages somewhere else on the lot. But get ready to stand and get the selfies in your favorite little town.

If you’re a true fan of Gilmore Girls and have always wanted to visit Stars Hollow, you’re in luck! Besides going through the regular lot tour that allows you to get out and get pictures at the Gazebo, this year Warner Brothers has a little extra special up their sleeves for fans this holiday season – a special Gilmore Girls Holiday tour you can sign up for!

Gilmore Girls Set Visit
Downtown Stars Hollow

About Warner Brothers Stars Hollow Celebration:

Starting December 21, fans of Gilmore Girls can explore the backlot as it transforms into Stars Hollow. Imagine lunching in Lorelai’s yard, peeking inside Luke’s Diner, and standing on Sookie’s front porch as you relive your favorite moments from the show.

Enjoy a holiday-themed lunch filled with Lorelai’s favorites, and of course, Luke’s coffee available for purchase. Even though Sookie won’t be preparing them herself, Emily Gilmore surely would approve of these culinary treats!

Gilmore Girls Set Visit
Stand in the Gazebo and take that selfie you’ve always wanted!

New This Year: Pose for a picture in front of Luke’s Diner and reminisce about the many “life changing” coffee chats that were shared inside.

Get your tickets to the Star Hollows Celebration at Warner Brothers Studio Lot.


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