How to Transform Your Garden On a Budget

How to Transform Your Garden On a Budget

We all want the perfect garden, but one visit to the local DIY store or center will blow our budget and there is still loads to do. If you would like to save money and still transform your garden, there are certain things you can try to create a unique feel about your backyard, make it more practical and organized. Below you will find just a few methods of making the most out of your outdoor space and your money at the same time. 

Creative Borders 

Borders from the garden center can be expensive, and they might not last long. A visit to a reclamation yard will help you come up with some amazing ideas that are easy to implement. Old stones and even paving slabs can be turned into a creative border, or you can use old bricks that have been reclaimed. You just need a bit of imagination and a lot of patience and you can create the perfect border for your flower beds or vegetable garden. 

Homemade Rockery 

In case you kind of like the colorful design of a country garden, but you are short of space, consider building a rockery. All you need is a few larger stones and a base. Make sure that your top soil is of high quality, so you can grow colorful perennials between the rocks all year round. You will also need to prevent nutrients escaping, so irrigation  and being able to air the soil is crucial 

DIY Water Features 

If you cannot afford the price of the stunning water features you have seen at home stores, you might be able to build one. There are companies that sell the pump itself, and you can turn an old jug or a bucket into a stunning rustic water feature. Use your creativity and watch online videos to get some ideas on how to build your own fountain or waterfall in your back garden. 

A Lick of Paint 

Of course, nothing will transform your garden better than a lick of paint. Consider a modern and bright color and ensure that you are protecting wooden surfaces. If you have a larger property, you might want to use fence staining companies instead of spending half of the summer trying to transform your garden and enjoying it at the same time.  

Upcycled Planters 

No matter what you would like to plant in your garden, there is always a choice when it comes to planters. Out with the old fashioned terracotta ones and the plastic planters that will only last a few seasons, and pay a visit to the local reclamation yard. You are bound to find something that can be turned into a creative planter. Use old washing machine drums or buckets, barrels to grow fruit and vegetables horizontally and vertically. 

When it comes to enjoying your garden during the summer, you don’t need a huge budget, just a bit of imagination. Use the above tips to create a unique design and make the most out of your outdoor space. 

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