How To Start Prepping For The Holiday Season

How To Start Prepping For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner; the shelves are filling up with chocolate, biscuits, turkeys, cheese, wine, nibbles and decorations, not to mention the toys and gifts. So, now is the perfect time to get ready as there’s still a couple of paydays and plenty of time to get everything done. First of all, if you don’t know what you’re doing this year, then decide, now! Are you travelling? Hosting? Are you doing three big full-on family meals in one day? Have a think about all the possibilities and discuss the options with your family. If you have small children, you really need to set realistic expectations about what you’re doing for Christmas. 

Book It

If you decide you are going away for Christmas or going out to a restaurant or hotel, then you need to book now so that you actually get in. If you’re travelling, look around for offers and if you are able to and don’t mind, then choose to travel on Christmas day, as you’ll find you’ll get a really good deal because no one really wants to do that. 


Once decisions have been made, it’s time to make a budget. How much do you need for your family’s presents? Who else do you need to buy for? Are you getting a Christmas bonus? How much will travel tickets, accommodation, food costs and presents be? Also, think about what extras you have over the holiday season, do you have a friend’s birthday in the middle of Christmas week? Do you need to pay for a house or pet sitter

Make The Most Of Deals

Keep an eye out for good deals so that you can plan your spending and spread out the cost. Be aware of places you can earn points, where you can use coupons, voucher codes and make sure to register for newsletters to find out about sales. Black Friday will be coming up again soon, so make sure you’re on the ball and ready to spend.

Spread It Out

It’s a good idea to buy one big thing or shop at one significant place each fortnight. For example, buy the non-perishable foods one week, and then order your wine from somewhere like, the next. After that, go for one for the kids’ gifts; the following one, your gift… or your family’s gifts; and so on. The closer to Christmas you get, the more perishable the items can be that you buy. This kind of steady planning can work the same when it comes to your baking, crafting and posting plans too. 

Plan Ahead For Next Year

Plan ahead for next year based on this year’s experience. Keep a notebook of everything you have planned and what you have spent and use this for the future. Then you can start planning even earlier and be enjoying the fun of Christmas all year round. It pays to plan ahead, and you could end up with more than you could ever wish for just by being organised and planning a little. 


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