How to Sift through Vehicle reviews When Shopping for Your Dream Car


If you are planning to buy a car then you must have an idea about the make and model that you would prefer based on your preferences and budget. However, that alone is not enough to guarantee you a good car purchase with all the features that you have always wanted.

You will need to do more research and that shouldn’t be a problem given that you have the internet at your disposal. It is obvious that you will visit a number of dealership websites to find more information on the car of your choice especially vehicle reviews.

These reviews are very important because they empower you to make an informed decision concerning your car purchase so that you get to buy your motor with confidence.  So, how do you sift through vehicle reviews to find genuine ones that will be helpful to you?

Look at the origin of the review

Motor vehicle reviews are made by professionals, customers and anyone who feels like sharing their opinions. The problem is that they are all potentially helpful and misleading at equal measures. What makes it even worse is the fact that it is hard to differentiate between the two. In such a scenario, whose reviews should you trust?

There are reviewers who are paid by the manufacturer and although they can be knowledgeable about the vehicle, their reviews are usually biased to the glowing side. It is therefore better to use reviews that are made by genuine customers who are only reporting their actual experiences after using the vehicle. Dealerships should strive to publish reviews of actual owners so that customers can get a clearer picture of what they expect.

Consider both facts and opinions

No matter who is making the review, vehicle features like the engine power, fuel efficiency, exterior and interior styling, technology, safety and convenience features are just what they are and there is no lying about them. This kind of information is very helpful but you will still need an honest opinion on top of it.

You need to know what makes a given feature better or worse than the other and the experience associated with each feature. It is true that all cars are not entirely good or bad and what you need get from any review is the blend of the praise and criticism that will inform a decision. Use free and unbiased reviews that are a mix of facts and opinions usually from impartial sites that give information about cars in general.

Consider the conflict of interest

The main reason people look at reviews is to learn from the experience of those who have used a product that they are interested in. Car manufacturers have to sell and one way of marketing their products is using highly pitched reviews written by professionals. It is therefore hard to trust such reviews in their entirety since there is a conflict of interest between the reviewers and manufacturers.

Consumer driven reviews can be trusted since they come with no incentives and can confirm or dispute any claims made by the manufacturer. The experiences may not be the same with all the consumers but it will not be hard to tell trends from isolated cases.

Vehicle reviews are very important in helping you make an informed decision on which vehicle to buy. However, you need to be careful to differentiate between genuine and compromised reviews because settling on a wrong car is very regrettable given the size of investment that you have put into it.

You should also beware of the fact that there will always be conflicted platforms, aggressive companies and angry customers who will manipulate reviews so that it does not display the true product experience.


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