How To Prepare For A Motorcycle Road Trip

How To Prepare For A Motorcycle Road Trip

Heading on a motorcycle trip is exciting. Getting out on the road, traveling through new destinations, and experiencing other countries’ roads, cuisine, and culture. A road trip is a great experience and one that you are sure to want to do again in the future. Before you go, it is important you get prepared. Below are a few things to consider before your motorcycle road trip.

Pack for all weathers

Unfortunately, even with all the best preparation, the weather can turn on you at any point. Being on a motorbike means being exposed to all weather conditions, meaning you should be prepared to go through whatever may be thrown your way. Riding in the sun can be hot and mentally draining, and the rain on a bad day can stop you from riding altogether. Therefore, it’s essential to have a contingency plan that you can turn to, should the conditions not be in your favor. Before heading on your trip, check out the forecast so that you can prepare accordingly.

Prepare regular breaks 

Riding a motorbike is great fun but does require a lot of concentration on the roads. When setting out on a motorcycle road trip, you will be concentrating for hours on end, which is why you should plan regular breaks throughout the journey. Before heading off, plot where you plan to stop off so that you can enjoy a bite to eat, relax for a little while, and refresh your concentration. This way, you won’t feel as tired when starting the next leg of the journey.

Make sure you have some tools with you

Breaking down is not fun at all, but sometimes you may be able to fix it yourself. Before heading on your trip, make sure you give your bike the once over, putting it in the best position possible for your journey. You should check the oil levels, breaks, lights, and tires to make sure they pass the legal requirements and are suitable for your trip. A long journey can cause bolts to loosen up, so it is important to have some tools with you to tighten things up should you need to.

Have a backup plan

As mentioned above, the weather can significantly impact your road trip, so much so your plans can be scuppered. Other factors can also get in the way, such as road closures or attractions. This is why it is essential always to have a plan b for your trip. Whether you stay in one location or take on a different journey, it’s always worth having so that you can enjoy your trip, and it is not ruined because of things out of your control.

Make sure you have the correct motorbike

If you are traveling afar, you may not be able to bring your own motorbike with you. This means it’s crucial you do your research beforehand and pick the right rental bike for you. After all, there will be nothing worse than traveling hundreds of miles, being uncomfortable, and regretting your choice. Things to consider are the amount of storage the bike can take; handlebars and footrests are set up correctly, and that the design of the bike suits the distance, you will be covering.

Above are a few tips that we consider before our trip; however, others out there can be just as useful. If on your journey you have an unfortunate accident, make sure you contact a motorcycle accident attorney. Have you been on a road trip before? We would love to know where you have visited and where it is great for others to go to. Let us know in the comment box below.

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