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How to Plan to Travel Across the Country

Leaving your home for more than a short vacation can be nerve wracking and very exciting. There are a lot of things to consider before heading out an extended journey.


First, you need to figure out the best time you can travel.  You may be able to spend the summer traveling or find that you are able to go as long as you’d like.

After you have a time frame figured out, decide where you want to go. Do you want to stay in one place or travel to multiple places?

When you know where you are heading, see if you have any connections that can help you. Maybe you can stay with them or they can help you find work.

During this stage you will need to figure how much money it will cost a day to live. If you don’t have enough money in savings to cover it, make a plan of how you will make money.

Save money

Save as much money as you can now. Pick up as many extra shifts as you can. If you are able to work an extra part time job, do it.

If you have items that you don’t want or need, sell them. If you have a hobby, like refinishing furniture, do as many as you can. Ask around if anyone needs help doing things like mowing or babysitting.

This is a good time to cut expenses too. Take a look at your bills and see what is not a necessity. Cable and internet must go. If you need internet now for work or school, there are many restaurants and stores that will let you use their wifi.  

For most people, rent is their biggest expense. Do you have a way to go rent free. If your lease will be up while you are traveling, that’s a great start. If you have friends or family that will let you stay awhile before you travel, stay with them. Not having rent will eliminate utility bills too. Your friends and family may be able to take in you, but not your stuff. First, downsize if you can. If that isn’t something you want to do, find somewhere that will keep your stuff temporarily.

Make money

If have connections in places you want to visit, reach out to them. They may be able to get you work at their job or know someone else that is looking for help.

If you don’t have connections, look at job posting websites or speak to employment agencies. If you aren’t looking for a 9-5 job, get creative. Do you have a service you can sell? Are you a good babysitter, dog walker, or writer? Look into that. Become an uber driver. That will allow you to work from the location you want to be.

If you’re excited to take an adventure, go for it. Make a plan and do your research. Figure out how much it will take to be away from home and where you want to go. This is a good time to figure out how you will make an income too. After you’ve researched and made a plan, pack up and go.

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