How to Organize Your Closet

How to Organize Your Closet

A closet usually remains unseen by anyone but the person that uses it. Because of this, closet disorganization can sometimes become an after-thought, and a lot a times the motivation is not there to organize an unseen area. However, since a closet is used every day, and since time is wasted and frustration mounts when it is used, organizing a closet will go a long ways to simplifying life.

Here are some closet organizing tips to organize a closet:

Analyze the Closet Storage and Make a Plan

Think of what a closet can be used for:

  • Hanging clothes
  • Storing boxes
  • Keeping folded garments
  • Storing shoes
  • Keeping the laundry hamper
  • …and a whole lot more.

Now think about how you use your closet. Is the closet used mostly for hanging space or do you fold most of your clothing? Is the floor being used, and for what? This will let you know what your biggest need is for using the closet.

Once you know what you use your closet storage space for, you will have a better idea of the closet organization tools you will need to get. Search for closet storage organizers to see which tools will best fit your biggest need. If hanging space is the biggest need, look for thin hangers, hanger cascaders, and double hanging rods. If shelf space is an issue look for hanging closet shelf organizers and stacking shelves. If shoes are an issue look for an efficient shoe organizer.

Take Everything Out an Purge

Now that you have a plan of how to organize the closet and the tools to maximize closet organization, it is time to take everything out of the closet to get rid of everything that’s not needed.

Take everything out of the closet

Create a pile for items to be donated, a pile for items that go somewhere else in the home, and a pile for items that belong in the closet. At this time there should only be items left in the closet that you need and use.

Put Everything Back in the Closet

At this time, the closet should be prepared for the type of closet storage that you need. Place the tools or organizers that you have chosen in the closet. When placing your items back in the closet, think of keeping the items that are used most often in the areas that are easiest to access. Also, think of the seasons: if it is summer, keep the warm weather clothes nearby and the winter clothes in the corners; in cold weather, do the opposite. If your current closet setup is not meeting your needs anymore, consider reworking your layout with a closet design tool!


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