How to Make Your Own Sacred Space and Get Away

How to Make Your Own Sacred Space and Get Away

Everyone could use a little spiritual retreat to call their own. So why not create your own sacred space at home?

In order to create a sacred space, it’s important to understand and recognize the meaning and importance behind having a sacred space. A sacred space is a special area in a home, office, or house of worship where one can easily connect with divine energies. Although typically dedicated to one or more deities, a sacred space can also reflect elemental and spiritual energies as well.

Sacred, or spiritual spaces, are also meant to offer protection and comfort against negative influences. They provide a place where people can pray, meditate, or reflect in private. This space should be thought of as a space removed from the pressure and stress of everyday life, offering a quiet bit of respite for the spiritual seeker.

It may sound like a tall order for something to live up to, but a sacred space doesn’t have to be large, elaborate, or expensive. The space should reflect the beliefs of the person creating it, for instance, a space dedicated to a Native Indian tradition might contain a drum or rattle, small bundle of sage or a braid of sweetgrass, and other small items representative of that person’s path and belief system.

Consecrating a Sacred Space

Begin by selecting a location for the sacred space. It might be in a corner, under a window, or even in a closet. Wherever it is, start by removing all clutter from that area and thoroughly giving the space a thorough cleaning. Vacuum, dust, mop, and even wipe down the walls of the space. While doing this, visualize removing negative energies from the area and replacing it with strong, positive energy.

Next, bless the space in a manner consistent with chosen personal beliefs. This might be traditional prayer, lighting of candles, smudging, sprinkling holy water, chanting, drumming, singing, or a combination of several different methods. What matters is the intent behind the blessing and consecration of the sacred space.

Set up a small representation of the energies or deities that the space is meant to invite. This could be done with the use of a small statue or figurine, candles, colors, or items that have a special meaning to the petitioner. For instance, a follower of Gaia might want to use a painted egg to symbolize the Goddess and the divine energy of creation.

Keeping Sacred Space Sacred

Visit the space as much as possible. Keeping the area clean and fresh is important for positive energy flow. It’s helpful to have something in the space that requires daily attention, such as changing the water in a flower vase, lighting and extinguishing candles, or lighting incense. Incorporate these ideas into a regular routine.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the space, adjusting it as necessary to reflect personal spiritual ideals. This space is a reflection of what the soul needs to be healthy. For instance, if music provides particular comfort, incorporate the use of it through song and chant, or try adding soothing music during meditation. Sound is an important tool.

When deciding what’s important in the creation of a sacred space, let the soul be a guide. Add elements that foster peaceful feelings, and remember that it’s perfectly fine to blend elements from different paths. Let the sacred space become a healing spiritual retreat for the soul and visit it frequently. A nurtured soul is the best reward.


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