How to make travel videos for a personal blog or business account?

Travel videos are a great idea both for a personal blog on Instagram and for promoting company services. This is a real trend that has been in the travel business and among travel bloggers for a long time. Short dynamic commercials are much more effective for advertising than articles because people love visuals and enjoy watching exciting videos about travel tours, new cities, and areas where they want to relax or live.

In this article, we have collected recommendations for preparing, filming, and editing travel videos that will help you create content for your blog or vlog that will look amazing and make money.

Travel video tips: preparation, shooting, and editing

There are a lot of reasons for such filming, as well as methods of attracting a new audience. You don’t need to have a pocket film studio in your suitcase to do this because amazing videos can be produced on a GoPro camera and even a modern smartphone. But what to shoot? There are a lot of options here, the main ones are videos about the tours of your travel company, as well as moments from personal and business trips.

Preparation for shooting a travel video:

  1. Think over everything in advance: possible subjects, the final duration of the video, and locations for shooting.

Perhaps this recommendation will seem trivial, but this is exactly where you should start. Before starting to shoot, you have to think through everything from storytelling to timing. The only exception would be shooting an art-house movie, where a shaking camera is acceptable. If this is not your format, be sure to write down the shooting order and all the details. In the process of preparation, we recommend building on the existing trip program and your plans. View the route, evaluate everything you see along the way, and choose the most interesting for your video. We recommend building a scenario based on attractive places along the way, main attractions, and interesting activities that you plan to include in your trip.

  1. Don’t forget your tripod.

Shooting with a tripod will be much better and more stable than holding the camera in your hands. This will make your video more enjoyable and professional-looking without shaking hands. Also, when preparing for your trip, you can read travel tips that will definitely be beneficial.

  Shooting a travel video:

  1. Landscape mode.

For high-quality shots, we recommend shooting in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. The vertical (portrait) format is better for broadcasting on Instagram or Snapchat. For all other occasions, and especially for travel photography, use the horizontal (landscape) format. Such videos will look organic not only on Instagram and IGTV but also on YouTube.

  1. Daytime shooting.

Even in the presence of the night mode, the frames are brighter and juicier during the day. Night shoots are a good solution if you have professional equipment with you. But if it is a smartphone and an action camera, then the possibilities of such shooting are limited. Try to shoot as much as possible during the day, when daylight assists your equipment. When editing a video, it is unlikely that you will include twilight moments captured on a smartphone.

  1. Stand up.

If you decide to use a stand-up, then find the quietest place for this. Stand-up itself is a very good solution for travel photography because it allows you to diversify the views of the sights, making the video more interesting and exciting. Many newcomers to videography make the same mistake — they choose noisy or windy places for recording the narration, which makes the sound unpleasant and indistinct, and the speech — illegible. A high-quality wireless microphone can be a good solution for the situation.

  1. Commercial attractiveness.

If you need a video not only for personal viewing, then you should think not only about the visual part but also about the commercial one. If the video is aimed at selling a product or a tour, it is important that it sells. You need to make sure that viewers notice your product and understand how and where to get it.

Travel video editing

So you’ve made a good video — what’s next? Next, you need to process the video to get awesome content ready for your target audience. For this, you need:

  1. Find a program for editing and processing the video.

You can choose from popular editors such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, or Fastreel. The first two need to be downloaded and are quite expensive, while the third can be easily used online. Before proceeding with the editing in the selected program, we recommend that you collect all photos and videos in one folder, as well as stock up on inspiration and patience.

  1. Choose background music.

You should choose tracks that will fully reflect the picture and the general mood of the video. There is a large amount of non-copyright music on the web, and you can also select the songs that the video editor you use offers.

  1. Make your video more dynamic.

Alternate the shots every 5-7 seconds to show interesting moments and keep the viewer’s attention. When editing video, be critical of all boring frames and poor quality ones — deleting them can and will hurt, but it is necessary and will only make the video more living. If you have captured a cool but very long moment, we recommend that you speed it up and pick up faster, energetic music.

When designing, processing, and editing videos, it is important to know when to stop and not overdo it. An excessive amount of effects will look ugly and unrealistic.


Shooting a travel video allows you to organically promote your blog, engage your audience, and get paid. Even if the first videos did not bring the desired result, the main thing is not to stop. With each new video, you will gain experience, see your own errors, and be able to eliminate them, and views will definitely grow.

If you plan on constantly posting travel videos, be sure to have a plan and sequence and choose a good editor for work.

On each trip, you should capture as much footage as possible so that you can then compose a video with several stories from it. From one such trip, you can get several high-quality videos, for example, filming separately urban areas, catering, places of entertainment, attractions, etc. The more varied your videos are, the better!

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