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How to Make a Great Travel Video

A travel video is the best way to capture all your trip memories in one place. If it’s all on video, you can simply relive those memories any time you want and even share them with people. Most people love to travel, and they love to share their travel experience in the form of videos with other people on YouTube or social media websites. There are several YouTube channels dedicated to travel videography. Some people make such videos for some travel companies, too. So, whatever is the reason for making travel videos, you want them to come out looking professional and creative. And don’t worry if you are a beginner, In this article, you will find some useful tips on how you can go pro at making videos.

Get the required equipment

The main requirement for a travel video maker is the right equipment. The market has no dearth of equipment, however, you need to make sure that you buy what suits your requirements. It is always advisable to start with less technical yet more affordable equipment. The travel blogger or videographers have to travel to different places, so make sure to get the lightweight set-up. Some must-have items before you start: 

  • The first requirement is, of course, a good quality camera. At the beginner level, you can choose a camera that requires a basic setting, and later you can move to an advanced level camera. 
  • It would help if you got a mono or tripod to hold your camera to reduce the shaking and unnecessary movements while shooting.
  • You need memory cards and card readers to save all your recordings to edit and upload later.
  • A power strip should also be with you when you travel as it will get you access to multiple outlets.
  • You should carry a cleaning kit to get rid of all the dust from your lenses. The cleaning kit contains the rocket bowers, cleaning gears, brushes, and some wipe clothes.

A backpack is another essential. Make sure to select a backpack with multiple dividers to keep all your things organised and to give proper space to all your equipment. 

Cook an interesting story

You might find this a little difficult initially, but with practice, you will learn to showcase your whole travel in the form of an exciting video. A well-planned trip will also help you in story-making. Also, to make a great story, you must give your audience as much information as you can and talk to the people you meet. If you are not at the level of writing a script for your videos yet, just go through all the recorded footage on a particular day, and then see if you can find a common theme. If you follow this method, it might just be easier for you to write your own scripts in no time.. Finally, use the YouTube video editor and transform your raw footage. If you are a beginner, don’t worry about creating a solid story or film, just focus on creating a loose story and use your creativity to keep your audience engaged through your video. Learn about this by clicking here.

Do some research about your destination

Unplanned trips and spontaneous travel are undoubtedly real fun. But in travel videography, some prior homework about your destination is always advised. You can create a rough itinerary about your travel plan so that you can plan well for your next video. You should also check the weather conditions before you start your trip. This will help you to decide the most suitable time for recording your video. For example, if any site is famous for its beautiful sunrise or sunset, then you can plan to visit the place accordingly. A well-researched and well-planned travel will surely get you a fruitful result in the form of a great travel video.


Interviews are another exciting way to make a great video. You can talk to the local people about the place, their story, their culture, or anything special about the city you are visiting. Do not forget to seek permission before you start your recording. You can cover travel guides talking about the story or the history of the place. If you are going to dine at a famous restaurant, you can perhaps record an interview with its chef. 

Editing takes time and patience

Editing is the most critical part of any video making, and travel video is no different. Do not feel reluctant in spending maximum time editing your travel video. This is because editing will make your video more impeccable as you can add special effects, do voice editing; add music, and much more. Editing will help you in fixing the things that you might have missed in video editing. You can use any good online video editor and make a perfect video. For exploring your options, click here.

Practice makes perfect

No one is born a pro, but with practice, anyone can become one. So, don’t give up on yourself too quickly. You can get in touch with other professionals or watch more travel videos for inspiration or technical guidance. You can find the number of how-to videos on Also, you can practice interviewing your family members or a friend, learn the various video editing tools; try to make videos of your immediate surroundings as you begin your journey. 

Diversify your shots

Adding an element of diversity is an excellent way to make a great travel video. Once you start getting comfortable with the camera, try to do things differently. While it’s good to have your own distinct shooting and editing style, things can get monotonous pretty quickly. Stay away from that. You can try recording from different angles, zooming in and zooming out, slow-spinning footage, recording from a worm eye view, recording from a moving vehicle, etc.  When you do try something new, maybe you can even ask your viewers if they liked the introduction of a new element. Feedback from your audience is critical, so keep them engaged and take their advice.

So, whether you want to film for pleasure or profession, there are several small steps you can follow in order to start your video making journey.  Now that we have given you some solid tips on how to create a video on travel, we hope that you follow our advice and are already on your way to make your first video. 

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