How to Make a Gluten Free Gift Basket

How to Make a Gluten Free Gift Basket

Gluten free gift giving can be made easy by using these tips to create beautiful gluten free gift baskets.

There are many possible ways to create gluten free gift baskets. Every part of this gluten free gift can be customized to fit the individual that the gift is intended for. Decorations on the basket can be as simple as a single bow, or something more elaborate. The important thing to remember about a gift of this type is that it should be as fun to give as it is to receive. The following tips and ideas will help to create gluten free gift baskets that are not only fun, but unique to an individual.

Gluten Free Gift Baskets in a Box

The first thing that comes to mind with this type of gift basket is a college student. It will also work well for anyone who is traveling, or doesn’t have access to a full kitchen for one reason or another. Gluten free gift baskets of this type don’t require a basket at all. Instead, find a box in the appropriate size and wrap each item inside with brightly colored tissue paper. This will help protect the items during shipping and be extra fun to open because each surprise will be revealed slowly.

Gluten free gift baskets of this type can contain a wide array of useful items. Think creatively about the person receiving the gift and decide what things they will benefit from the most. Make sure to consider the cost and availability of gluten free items in the area where the person is located and try to address the needs that are not being met. Some great items to consider are:

  • Gluten Free Cosmetics- Lotion, shampoo, conditioner and make-up.
  • Gluten Free Foods- Bread and instant soup are always handy.
  • Gluten Free Snacks– Think of grab and go foods like cookies, crackers and chips.
  • Restaurant Guide for Finding Gluten Free Food in the Area

Gluten Free Gift Baskets for Children

It may seem a bit strange to think of giving food as a gift to a child on a gluten free diet, but it really is a great idea. Gluten free foods are expensive to buy, and children want a lot of fun treats. Parents are often too busy keeping up with the nutritional needs of their kids to find room in the budget for the fun stuff.

Children often have no use for a decorative basket, so it may be better to use a large gift bag. For kids, the best part of receiving gifts is unwrapping them. To get the best reaction, find several patterns of brightly colored wrapping paper and wrap each item separately.

Gluten free gift baskets for children can differ based on how long a child has been on a gluten free diet. Newly gluten free kids may need a little help adjusting to the new lifestyle and will benefit from an instructional book or DVD. Children who have been gluten free for a long time have probably adjusted to their situation and are only interested in the fun new snacks that they can enjoy. The following list of items is very general and can be narrowed down to fit the child’s needs.

  • Gluten Free Cooking Instructional DVDs
  • EnviroKids Snack Bars
  • Gluten Free Cookies- Any type or variety will make them smile.
  • Kinnickinnick S’Morables- Gluten Free Graham Crackers
  • Large Marshmallows- Most varieties are inexpensive and naturally gluten free.
  • Fruit Snacks- Many varieties are gluten free, be sure to check the ingredients.
  • Gluten Free Cereal

If quick refrigeration is available, include gluten free chicken nuggets, frozen waffles, T.V. dinners and frozen pizzas as well.

Gluten Free Gift Baskets for Parents

Many parents go through a grieving process when they are told that a child has to be on a strict gluten free diet. One of the best ways to offer support in this time of change is by providing gluten free gift baskets full of information and helpful tips. This can be done with a traditional basket presentation that includes some flowers, kind thoughts on cards and scented candles or other relaxing items as decoration.

This basket will be received as a sympathy card with plenty of encouragement. The foremost thing on any parent’s mind at this time is how to make this change in a way that will be easy for everyone and still keep their child safe. A gluten free gift of this type can include information on local support groups, guides to eating and living gluten free and gluten free cookbooks. It is also good to include some gluten free snacks and easy to prepare gluten free foods.

Whether a person has been on a gluten free diet for a long time, or is just beginning, a gluten free gift is always appreciated.



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