How to Live Clutter Free

Living Clutter Free

Clutter seems to accumulate in the home when you least expect to see it. While you’re making purchases you sincerely believe that you need the items and that you will actually use them. There are a dozen ways to arrange and rearrange a home but not a one of of them will stick if you’re not happy with the solution that you came up with. There are some things that you can do to get rid of the clutter in your home.

You have to determine what you don’t need if you’re ever going to rid yourself of the clutter that could be controlling your life. Go through all the closets, cabinets and dressers in your home. Take everything out of the closets and separate it into two piles. One to keep and one to discard. If you haven’t used it in six months chances are that you’re not going to use it, so get rid of it. Once you have this done you’re ready for the next step.

There will be things that you can sell at a yard sale and other things that you would like to donate to charity. Box the donations up and take them to the charity of your choice. Clothing, dishes, books and other items can be sold at a yard sell. Clothing can be put on consignment to sell over time and you can take the rest of the items to charity.

Recycling can be done easily while you’re ridding your home of the clutter. How many times have you found yourself saving a storage container that something came in so that you could use it later just to have it collect dust in a cabinet? Separate those old containers, magazines and boxes into recyclable piles that are easily taken to the local drop off point or put by the curb if you’re lucky enough to have roadside delivery.

The more things that you remove from your home the less you’ll have to clutter it up. Once you’ve got all of the things that you don’t use anymore out of the home you can work on storing and organizing the things that you have so that you don’t feel like you’re living in a department store. There are dozens of options for storage, the one you choose will depend on your space.

The wonder hanger and space bags are good options for keeping your home organized. The wonder hangers hold five garments easily, then you simply unhook on end to instantly give you more space. You can arrange clothes by color or season with them and stop worrying about having your clothes fall off into the floor while you’re trying to find what you want to wear. Then there are the space bags. You can put items that you have extras of but don’t use daily in them and use a vacuum to get the air out of them. This will mean that your things take up less space than they did previously.

There are areas in the home that are often overlooked when you go to put things away. Underneath the bed, the backs of doors and even the garage are overlooked as possible storage spaces when you begin to rid yourself of the clutter. Placing lifts on the bed posts will give you more room under the bed that you can use to put your space bags or under the bed storage containers with wheels.

Doors can be used to organize things by utilizing simple over the door hooks. The inside of clothes will keep them out of site as long as you keep the door closed. This way you can use them to put the clothes you plan to wear on without having to hunt for them in the mornings. There are hooks that can be placed on the walls and storage towers for CD’s, if you can buy it then you can organize it so that you aren’t drowning in clutter.


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