How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool During the Summer

How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool During the Summer

During the summer months keeping your kitchen from getting overheated doesn’t have to be a challenge. By adopting some cool tricks for preparing meals, without adding to the already warm temperature, Keyrenter McAllen Management says you can keep the potentially busiest room in your home reasonably comfortable.

How to keep your kitchen cool during the summer:

Avoid using the stove

By using a crock pot, the microwave, a toaster oven, pressure cooker or the outdoor grill you can minimize the heat that might accumulate from using the stove and oven for cooking your meals. Plan your summer menus and grocery shopping around these alternative methods.

Don’t cook

Serve cold dishes buffet style, and avoid cooking altogether. Salads, cold vegetables with dips, fruit platters, a variety of cold cuts and rolls or bread laid out with accompanying condiments will keep even the heartiest appetites satisfied on a warm summer day.

Don’t  Bake

During the summer avoid using the oven for baking desserts. Ice Cream, frozen yogurt, cold fruit and smoothies from the blender will all satisfy that urge for something sweet without heating up the kitchen.

Cook outside

Don’t confine use of the outdoor grill strictly to barbecuing and entertaining. Employ the grill every day for preparing dinner. Cooking your meat, potatoes and vegetables on the grill will keep your kitchen and dining area cool and comfortable for enjoying your meal and later during cleaning up. You might even adopt the habit of eating your evening meal outside on the deck or patio.

Install a ceiling fan

If your kitchen area is large enough, installing a ceiling fan will help to circulate the air and keep the kitchen cool. If your kitchen is smaller, but open to the dining area, consider a ceiling fan/light combination for over the dining table, in order to reap the same cooling effect..   

Run the dishwasher at night

The dishwasher is a major source of heat in the kitchen. Using paper plates during the summer cuts down on the number of dishwasher loads. When you do use the dishwasher, allow your dishes air dry. Turn on the dishwasher just before retiring for the night and wake up in the morning to clean dishes and a cool kitchen.

Adopting some of these tips for keeping your kitchen cool during the hot summer months will not only keep you less stressed and more comfortable, but will yield the additional benefit of lowering your energy bill.


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