How to Keep a Job: 5 Tips for Staying Employed


Have you finally gotten your dream job and you’re looking for ways to make sure you keep it? Getting hired is only the beginning. Employees that want to keep their jobs need to do constant work to make themselves valuable to their company and their employer. 

Keep reading for some tips on how to keep a job that can help you stay on the right track. Become an integral member of your company to make sure you’re needed and valued. 


1. Make Your Contribution Measurable 

A great way to show your employers that you are vital to their company is to measure your success and make it visible. Track your own goals and ways you’ve helped your company, such as cutting company costs, improving processes, boosting sales, or bringing in new customers. It’s also important to make yourself visible to employers and make sure they know your name, even in a larger organization. 

Speak up in meetings and volunteer to take extra assignments when you have the time. While it’s important to participate, it’s also important to stay modest and make sure that every comment you make in meetings are recommendations. 

2. Be Open to Learning New Things and Challenging Yourself 

Being a helpful team player can make you an important employee. For this reason, it’s smart to offer to take extra assignments, or one’s that are outside of your exact niche. This helps your team meet deadlines, which everyone will appreciate. 

The more you contribute, the more value you will provide for the company. Having a willingness to grow and expand your skillset shows employers that you will grow along with the company. Having a willingness to change and tackle challenges will allow an employer to trust that you can evolve just as the company does. 

Doing the same job repeatedly without evolving will not stand out to employers, even if that task is done well. Demonstrating the potential to grow and face challenges is a must for staying employed. 

3. Be a Great Team Player 

Working well with others is a key skill employers will be looking for. Working with your coworkers to team build and brainstorm helps to achieve goals for everyone in the workplace, making a stronger company as a whole. Additionally, being well-liked by your coworkers will allow you to build relationships and allies with coworkers who can speak up for you when needed. 

Work with departments across the company to learn more about the big picture in terms of the goals and roles in your company. This also helps to widen the number of employees who know you and your work and can credit your contribution.

Building relationships with members of all levels of the company can help you learn more about the company from the ground up which can help you grow in your own role. It will also show that you are a friendly and respectful person that truly cares about the company and those who are working towards the company’s common goal. Be open to helping new employees or employees that have too much on their plate to show that you are a team player. 

4. Build a Relationship With Your Boss 

Invest in time to build a connection with your boss and make sure they like you. This doesn’t mean you have to be a suck-up, but you should have a friendly, supportive, and positive relationship with your boss to keep yourself on their good side. This will help to build trust, letting your boss know they can depend on you. 

This will help lower the chances of getting laid off if any issues arise in the company. It’s also a good idea to be a low maintenance employee, who doesn’t complain or need constant assistance. This will show your boss that you are capable of handling your responsibilities on your own, letting them focus on their own priorities. 

While it’s always a good idea to let your boss know of any issues or concerns that arise, it is not a good idea to be too needy as an employee. Make sure your boss knows that you are available for them when they need you but that you can also be trusted without their constant attention. 

5. Keep Growing Your Skills 

An employee that keeps developing and growing their skills will be seen as someone who can handle company changes and promotions. This will help you stay fresh in the company as you accelerate your skillset and take on new goals. Attend workshops and spend extra time learning new skills that could benefit the company to show employers that you are a constant learner.  

Doing the bare minimum may allow you to coast as an employee for a while, but if you don’t go above what is expected of you, you may not last when crunch time rolls around. Be open to working longer hours to show that you’re hard-working and willing to put the extra effort in. 

Tips and Tricks: How to Keep a Job 

If you’re wondering how to keep a job you love, keep these tips and tricks in mind. Practicing these skills in the workplace can help to show your boss and your team members that you are a necessary employee. Go above and beyond to prove that you are a reliable and successful employee. 

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