How to Identify and Repair a Clogged Drain

Fixing Clogs with Roto-Rooter

Fixing Clogs with Roto-RooterClogs always happen at the worst time possible. You’re in a rush and you need to get ready for work, or finish dinner and you notice the sink isn’t draining. Stop, don’t call a professional – you’ve got this! There are some simple things you can do before you call in a plumber and simple things you can do to fix the clog yourself.

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    Identify how bad the clog is – Is this a new development and something you can quickly fix just by moving things around in the sink? Or is this something you’ve been letting build up over time and haven’t had a ton of time to fix yet?

  2. Be sure to remove anything from the sink or tub – Are there dishes and possible cutlery in the sink? Take it out and put it in a wash bin to the side of your sink. If it’s your tub, make sure there isn’t a rubber ducky still in there and blocking the drain. For your tub, make sure it’s not a build up of hair in the drain. In the past I’ve even created my own tool out of an old metal clothes hanger to help remove the hair blockage, and it works surprisingly well.
  3. Try to clear the drain with light plunging – this is if it’s something you think you can plunge out and loosen the clog. We actually have three plungers in the house, one for each toilet and one for the sinks and tub. We keep them separate for obvious reasons. And on occasion the clog just needs a quick loosening and everything else is fine.
  4. Check out how the water is draining – is it not draining at all (a serious clog?) or is the water just slowly going down the drain? This will determine what you do to fix the clog!
  5. Bring in the gel help! If removing anything I can visibly see doesn’t work and the clog is still there, it’s time to break out the Roto-Rooter Products. Roto-Rooter’s Gel Drain Cleaner is powerful enough to break through even big clogs that cause standing water. For a simple clog or slow moving drain, you simply put half of the bottle of the Roto-Rooter Gel Cleaner down the drain and flush with hot water after 10 minutes. You can leave it longer if you need to. Tougher clogs or standing water may need a second round of Roto-Rooter Gel and need to sit a little longer. The strong gel breaks down the clog inside and lets water flow again.

See – that’s all it takes to tackle the worst clogs you have in your home. And if Roto-Rooter Products don’t work to clear the clog and a plumber is actually needed – don’t worry, there is a money back guarantee on the product. Find out more about Roto-Rooter Products and how you can use them at home!


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