How to Get Your Dream Plant Delivered to Your Door

Perfect Plant Review

Maybe it feels like your home is missing something. Maybe, you’re like me and just love plants and find it hard in the colder months that you’re not able to garden. Whatever your reason for wanting more house plants – it’s a valid one.

Let’s be honest here, house plants add to a space. Besides the health benefit some provide of cleaning air, they make spaces seem brighter, more comfortable and make you want to be in them more. That is part of the reason I wanted to add a variety of live plants to my new home office. It helps round out the space and thankfully My Perfect Plants were kind enough to send us two plants for our space.

From a ZZ plant (Zanzibar plant) to the Fiddle Fig, My Perfect Plant has a huge variety of house plants you can order, if you’re like me and getting ready to prepare for the frozen tundra which is the north. But that’s not all they offer, from large plants for your yard or patio or even soil and food for the plants you purchase. They’re a one stop shop for what you might want to add to your plant collection.

Since we live in the Midwest, some of the plants on their site aren’t zoned for outside use in our area. This is actually something we commonly run into. But even our local nurseries don’t offer the types of plants we wanted in our home. This is where we found more variety and options on My Perfect Plant and great options for our space as we shopped.

Once we chose what plants we wanted, they were shipped directly to us in large boxes that were packed for travel. The plants were secured to bamboo sticks (that are great for saving for the garden next year as supports) and wrapped carefully in plastic before being shipped in boxes to protect them. And while they’re ready to plant once you get them to your home, they are ok to stay in their box for a few days to acclimate to your space as you find the perfect container for them.

We are thrilled with the plants that we got from My Perfect Plant and they not only add to our space, but are easy to pick which ones are best for which space. We love the variety we can get and that they can come right to our door. But most of all, we love how healthy each plant is when it arrives and even after it went for a journey to get to us.


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