How to Find the Right Contractor for Your Home Improvements

contractors for home improvementOwning a house is one of things that we take pride in. But once you buy a house there are things you want to change. Even if it’s your dream house, there may be things you want to update, or improve to make it perfect for you and your family. But if you’re new to an area, you may not know where to find a contractor to get the work done. Our update list is longer than our arms, and as we go through the years, we’re working on making this house ours step by step with the help of local contractors and workers. But where do we find them? And what makes that easier to do? We have some great useful tips in hiring a General Contractor!

Prioritize What Projects You Want Done

From the moment we walked through this house we fell in love. With a fully updated kitchen and bathrooms, hardwood floors throughout and a home office – it had everything we wanted, or so we thought. The house is from the 50’s and there are a lot more updates we need done. From the gutters that need replaced, windows updated, insulation improved, furnace replaced and the need to have central air installed – there’s still a lot we need to do.

But what do we need to do to make the house how we want it? And what will pay off when we decide to move and sell the house again? Before you start any updates you have to figure out what you want to have done, what makes your house perfect for you and what will add to your resell value down the line? What update is more important to you?

Ask for Recommendations

The first place we always start is asking our friends and family for local contractors they are using. They can point you to small businesses in your area that can give you price quotes for your project. But one thing you can count on is your friends and family giving you truthful recommendations. We recently found a lawn care guy in a local community group that others said was good, and it wasn’t until later we found out that he wasn’t as reliable as we were told. Truthful recommendations and referrals from friends and family can not only get you the contractor you want, but maybe the best rate for your project.

Check Local Review Sites

If you don’t know anyone locally, it may be time to look online for different recommendations. If you’re looking for roofers (Tampa), lawn service companies or someone to completely overhaul your kitchen – online will give you an unbiased review of local contractors. When searching online reviews of a company, be sure that they are third party websites you are third party and not paid by the company just to write good things about the company. This will give you a fair review.

Be sure you reach out and contact multiple sites when you have a home improvement project for quotes and terms of contract. This will make sure you have all of the information you need to get your project off the ground and your dream house done how you want it.

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