How to discover new forms of well-being and find Happiness again

How to discover new forms of well-being and find Happiness again

The society in which we live seems to naturally push us toward the discovery of new forms of well-being, toward practical methods of improving one’s life and achieving personal goals. The pursuit of well-being certainly represents an innate instinct for all human beings, but in some cases it happens that people, distracted by the whirling pace of their lives, seem to almost forget about themselves, their physical and mental health goals, leading an unhealthy existence that makes them sad, depressed and prematurely aged. 

To realize this fact, we need only leave our homes and board the first public transportation we come across. At least two-thirds of the people you will see on board will have frowning expressions, lost in the void, as if they have just learned the saddest of news. The fixity of the stares, during certain hours of the day, seems almost invincible, as if it were an innate physiognomic characteristic that is now perfectly accepted by everyone. 


These conditions are usually triggered by lifestyles that are disinclined to well-being, personal care and respect for the quality of one’s life, all goals that nowadays seem to be overwhelmed by work ambition, the desire to get rich and to conquer ever higher social positions, not even mentioning all the material interests related to the possession of certain goods, such as designer clothes or expensive cars. 

The pursuit of these material comforts, in a sense, has diverted our attention from what should be the main goal of any human being, namely the attainment of a perfect spiritual balance that makes possible a peaceful, serene and absolutely peaceful existence. The secret to improve your life lies right here, in the condition of mental calmness attainable only with a deep understanding of the reality around us. 

To achieve a high degree of well-being it would be enough to have a little more care and respect for oneself, arranging oneself in the best physical and mental condition to experience the sensations of supreme ecstasy. First of all, one should devote maniacal care to one’s personal hygiene, ensuring that one never appears sloppy and unkempt in front of the world. Self-respect starts right here, from the practical ways in which we treat our bodies every day, through which very specific signals are sent to our mind and our entire organism. 

The body must therefore be prepared in the best possible way so that it can experience the most intense well-being while in the best possible condition. The mind, too, should undergo such preparation, with the aim of training its intuitive faculties and the absolutely crucial ability to live each moment with greater awareness, with a greater presence of mind, grasping the full value of what is happening here and now, in the present moment. 

Meditation, from this point of view, can be very useful indeed, but it is certainly not the only method of purifying one’s mind and clearing it of superfluous elements. All those activities that bring you genuine joy, an indescribable, throbbing pleasure, are also extremely effective methods of achieving an enviable condition of mental clarity and lucidity, the result of intense concentration on a pastime we love.

The potential of fun

The meditative potential of entertainment, along with its ability to generate real well-being, is still fairly unexplored territory, a topic that is still talked about too little and certainly deserves more attention. As we linger in our favorite amusements, in fact, the mind not only mechanically sets itself up to experience the sensations of well-being, but is even able to anticipate them, providing the individual with a taste-incredibly tasty of the condition of perfect serenity that he or she will savor later. 

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The condition of well-being has to do mainly with our inner self, but sometimes it can also be triggered and fostered by the fulfilling experiences related to our favorite amusements.


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