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How to Choose the Right Lawyer For Your Case

It’s something that none of us really want to look for, but at one point in our lives or another – we all need a lawyer. It may be someone to look over a contract for you, to write your estate plan or you may need a criminal defense attorney. But actually finding the right attorney may be hard to do and something that you may feel overwhelmed with.

So how do you find a lawyer when you need one? Or should you start looking for one so you have one on hand if you need them in the future? There are a lot of great resources to find the right lawyer and make sure you are legally protected when you need it most.

Ask for Referrals

We all know someone who has a lawyer on hand or knows one personally. It may be someone in their family or a friend, or just one they call up when they need them most. Ask your friends and even people you know how social media, like your local community groups, who they recommend the most.

Call Your State Bar Association

Did you know that you can look up your State Bar Association and find out more about the lawyers in your area? Not sure which lawyer you’re looking for? They can help with that as well! You just call your State Bar and ask their referral desk to help you find a lawyer. They will ask you for very basic information and the type of lawyer you will need and give you a name or two to call.

Not a good fit? Don’t worry, they have lists of attorneys so you can call back and ask for more names and referrals. And the best part – it’s absolutely free for you to use! This is a great resource for you to find the right attorney for you and your case.

Look for Reviews Online

One of the greatest things that has come out of the internet is honest reviews. You can type in almost any professionals name and find reviews from their customers. Not only can you find out more about them, but you can find any of their legal cases in the public domain. The amount of information out there for new customers is amazing and something that is only a few keystrokes away. There are even websites dedicated to rating professionals and you can find more about what clients have thought about the services they provide.

Once you have a lawyer’s information in hand, be sure you set a consultation with their office. The majority of attorneys do not charge for this meeting. Meet the lawyer and see if they are a good fit, ask what their fees would be. This may be a process on it’s own, but once you find an attorney that can help you with your case you’ve taken the first step you need to in taking care of your legal case. Finding the right lawyer is key to making sure you get the legal care you need.

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